Episode 51 – The Void (2017) / Jas Sum Kral Maduro Shaggy Foot cigar / Founders Breakfast Stout

"I don't know if this is my favorite cigar of the year so far but it's definitely my favorite deal of the year"

Good times are here again!!!

…and then the middle fingers come out…

We’re back! After taking a brief hiatus to travel down to CATS Fest and record a ton of interviews with cigar industry bigshots to help spread the good word about our favorite charity Cigars For Warriors, we are now settled back in to The Corner Of No Hope nicely and we’re ready to give you regular biweekly doses of that good sweet stuff you crave throughout the rest of the year. Why does that last part sound so dirty when I say it out loud? Go ahead, read it again. Now read it again but slower this time… oh yeah baby.



As a general rule, we don’t like to feature hard-to-find cigars here on the Tuesday Night Cigar Club podcast. If you like the way we describe a stogie then you should be able to track one down fairly easily to smoke one for yourself, otherwise we’re just being dicks. That’s why we have never featured a Cuban cigar, a manufacturer’s private blend, etc. However, this week’s cigar is a yearly release (unleashed in limited quantities every August) and that’s a different story completely. Especially when the cigar is this damn good.





As you can see, the JSK Maduro Shaggy Foot has just that – a very shaggy foot. The rustic cigar is firm to the squeeze with just the right amount of give and everyone picked up an unsweetened ice tea flavor on the cold draw. Tons of smoke pours off this sucker upon ignition but it calms down a bit once the burn line finally meets up with the receded wrapper. Speaking of the burn line, despite the loose shaggy foot the cigar maintains a razor-sharp burn line, a perfectly uniform ash, and construction as a whole is fantastic.



Green tea, cedar (which joins the party immediately when the Mexican San Andres wrapper catches fire), cream, and cinnamon are all present from the early goings. The tea notes that result from the inclusion of Peruvian filler tobacco really stand out and are a refreshing and highly enjoyable component that we don’t see utilized very often in newer blends. All these flavors come through crystal-fucking-clear on the retrohale, YOU MUST RETROHALE THIS CIGAR!!! There’s also a very muted, subtle spice which is typically more dominant in a San Andres wrapped cigar. It adds just a tiny burn in the back of your throat to keep things interesting and not let the creaminess and hoity-toity tea notes get too cocky. As an unexpected bonus, a milk chocolate note appears in the final third adding yet another layer to this already complex cigar.

Upon learning that the JSK Maduro Shaggy Foot has a jaw-dropping price point of just $5.50, Tut accurately proclaimed “I don’t know if this is my favorite cigar of the year so far but it’s definitely my favorite deal of the year”. You just don’t encounter cigars of this quality at this price every day and that is very VERY cool. Keep your eyes on the Jas Sum Kral website come August when these babies go on sale and pray to your God that the TNCC doesn’t buy them all for ourselves. Between this offering and the Zlatno Sonce we reviewed back in January, Jas Sum Kral is on quite a roll this year. What else did your favorite crew of tipsy internet cigars experts think of tonight’s offering? Watch or listen to the damn show below and find out for yourself!






Like tonight’s cigar, the Founders Breakfast Stout is a seasonal release (October). So why was it so easily found in our local liquor store in April…? Well, some questions are better left unanswered I suppose. Anyhoo, the Founders Breakfast Stout pours black as oil and if you like American-style stouts that are bombarded with coffee beans like The Incredible Hulk was bombarded with gamma rays then this is the beer for you. I personally much prefer the creamier English stouts so when I stuck my nose down in my pint glass and breathed in the aroma of strong java I feared the worst. However… upon taking my first sip I was pleasantly surprised. There’s a bitterness present (60 IBU) that’s unusual for a coffee stout and I really appreciated it. There’s also an oatmeal element that was quite tame early on but really came up to the forefront once we lit up our cigars. In fact, the JSK Maduro Shaggy Foot muted the coffee notes of the beer and brought out the other flavors that were merely background players before. This is a super thick Black Blood Of The Earth beer that benefits greatly from a fantastic cigar pairing. What else did your favorite crew of tipsy internet beer experts think of tonight’s offering? Watch or listen to the damn show below and find out for yourself!


I’m not going to say jack shit here about tonight’s film discussion. As the world’s most fanatic John Carpenter fan, I’ve been asked ad nauseam about my take on The Void and we do what we do best on the show and tear this movie apart scene-by-scene. Did we like it? Did we hate it? There’s only one way to find out, so what are you waiting for? Watch or listen to the show below and join the party!


Well tonight we featured two seasonal releases and luckily they hit the streets around the same time. So buy a handful of JSK Maduro Shaggy Foot cigars in August and let them sleep in your humidor until you can pick up a case of Founders Breakfast Stout in October. I know you have a few months to wait but be patient folks, it’ll be worth it.

Sayonara motherfuckers!

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Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…

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