John Mense thinks that his personal information is none of your business, but in the spirit of honesty...

John Mense thinks that his personal information is none of your business, but in the spirit of honesty… John is a lifelong fan of the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys who enjoys reading, playing golf, and sending romantically charged emails to total strangers after he has drank too much Steel Reserve.  He is also an avid werewolf hunter, although he has never caught or even seen one. John first began smoking cigars during his college years while working at the tobacco shop in his local mall. Davidoffs were an early favorite and remain so to this day.


Davidoff and anything Cade recommends


Single Malt Scotch and whatever Cody & Ryan will serve me…


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band


The Wild Bunch
Halloween 4
Die Hard
The Great Mouse Detective, er, uh, I mean Fletch


I'm only doin this gig cause I used to date Winona Ryder. I need the money.
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