Cigar Review – Leather Rose by Drew Estate

Shit y’all, this sucker had me at vanilla cake icing...

Last month, Drew Estate released the Leather Rose to all retailers nationwide. When announcing the release, they had this to say –

“Uniting with her sisters Sweet Jane, Fat Bottom Betty, and Crazy Alice after spending time away robbing banks (as the folklore goes) the spicy “Leather Rose” is the boldest lady of the bunch. This 5” x 54 torpedo features a rich maduro wrapper and proves to be the spiciest of the Deadwood family. Lighting up the Leather Rose will fill the room with her exotic aroma, plus the effortless draw will leave you longing for more…”


Size: 5 x 54
Wrapper: ?
Binder: ?
Filler: ?
Price: $8.10 (boxes are on sale now at Famous Smoke Shop and by using Promo Code TNCC20 you’ll save $20 off your $100 purchase!)

This is going to be a unique review for sure, as the Deadwood series of cigars from Drew Estate are extremely unique to put it mildly. I’ve always enjoyed the gal that started it all, Sweet Jane, whenever I’m in the mood for something different and I feel like wandering off the path of traditional cigars a bit. The sweet aroma coming off the maduro wrapper of an undisclosed origin reminds me quite a bit of Ms. Jane and there’s that familiar aromatic smell reminiscent of pipe tobacco as well. The dark, near black wrapper almost sparkles when twirled in my hand under the low lights in The Corner Of No Hope. Now that’s sexy.


The smooth open draw reveals a rich sweetness and vanilla cake icing note that is unquestionably awesome. There’s just a touch of white pepper on the retrohale that balances nicely with the sweet aspect of the Leather Rose. But shit y’all, this sucker had me at vanilla cake icing…


Construction has remained stellar thus far with a clear draw and mostly straight burn line, it’s not until about the halfway mark that the solid ash drops off. For a lady named Leather Rose it takes a while but her namesake leather finally shows up on both the palate and the nose almost simultaneously. That bold leather overtakes the pepper and, somewhat surprisingly, pairs very well with the sweet vanilla icing flavor. Leather and cake icing, who woulda thunk it?

Me. That’s who would think this up.


The Leather Rose enters medium strength territory and that alone sets her apart from her more mild Deadwood sisters. The pepper returns in the final third and combined with the leather it makes for a bold and tingly finish in the retrohale. While the revolutionary one-two-punch of leather and vanilla cake icing continues to rock the draw all the way until the end.


I paired tonight’s cigar with a bottle, a rather large bottle, of Cabernet Sauvignon and they played very nicely together. But I almost think that a more dry Pinot would be a perfect pairing companion for the Leather Rose, she’s plenty sweet all on her own.

If you’re a drinker on a budget, I highly recommend the Aeris Pinot Noir out of Oregon. For around $15 it’s hard to beat…

While I certainly prefer smoking traditional premium cigars, when I do venture outside my comfort zone I tend to grab one of the Deadwood series because they’ve never disappointed me. The Leather Rose is no different. So seek one out for yourself, lick your lips often while smoking, and tell us what you think!


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