Cigar Review – Diamond Crown No. 4 Maduro

If you’re a retrohale fiend, I can’t recommend this cigar enough...

“In celebration of J.C. Newman Cigar Company’s 100th Anniversary in 1995, Stanford Newman joined Carlos Fuente, Sr. to develop an exceptional series of premium cigars…”


Size: 5 1/2 x 54
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Caribbean and Central America
Price: $13.00

The ultra-black, oily five-year-old Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper emits the aromas of earth and a deep fruit like sweetness. The Diamond Crown is firmly packed, giving just the right amount of resistance when squeezed between two fingers. That earthiness is present in the cold draw as well.


Bold, strong leather presents itself front and center on the draw after torching the foot. Cedar and mineral arrive via the retrohale in equal parts with a total lack of pepper or spice through the nose. The draw is just allowing me to pull the perfect amount each puff, no more and no less than needed, and it’s producing a tight solid ash.


That retrohale is just fucking ACES. The mineral and cedar are working effortlessly together like peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese’s Cup. And while this brings me great joy, it also brings me a sudden deep sadness as I realize that thanks to this quarantine bullshit I didn’t get my hands on any Reese’s Easter Eggs this year.

Damn you COVID-19, damn you STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!

Sorry about that. The leather is still the predominant note on the draw but if you’re not blowing smoke out your nose with this cigar you are missing the blender’s point by a mile.


Just when I shrugged and assumed that leather would be the only flavor delivered via the draw a dry coffee bean note joins the party. And as the coffee surfaces, the woodsiness on the retrohale becomes bolder and stronger overtaking the mineral completely. The overall strength of the Diamond Crown jumps up a notch overall as a result of those changes. Construction remains flawless with a perfect draw, solid ash, and a damn near perfect burn line.


Yep, I absolutely had to bring out the nub tool for this cigar. This is by far the best Diamond Crown that I have smoked up to this point in time. That retrohale combination is just crazy good and overall I ended up wanting this cigar to last a hell of a lot longer than it did (just slightly over an hour and ten minutes). The strength and body never rises above medium on both fronts, so this isn’t a maduro cigar that will kick your ass. Instead it will impress with you with its flavors. So if you’re a retrohale fiend, I can’t recommend this one enough. Seek them out boys and girls!

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