Episode 12 – Terminator Genisys / Romeo y Julieta 1875 / Hans’ Pils

You're a Terminator movie goddammit! Step up and act like it!!! I want to be blown away by things I've never seen before, I want to care deeply for the protagonists, I want bloodshed, I want a real sense of believable doom, and I want my T800 to drop some F-bombs. Is that so hard?

Hmmm… I honestly don’t know if we’ll do another show like this. For the first time in the TNCC podcast’s brief history the entire gang went to the local cineplex, watched a film together (literally, we don’t do the every-other-seat-thing because we’re comfortable with each other like that), and then raced to our secret submarine (not a euphemism) and turned the microphones on.
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It’s a far different approach than we usually take obviously. Our typical format, as far as the film portion of our show is concerned, is to walk the listener through the film and dissect/analyze/discuss it thoroughly at every step along the way. Our musical muse Fritz Beer likens it to listening to a good old fashioned radio play where as you don’t necessarily have to have seen the film we are reviewing in order to enjoy the podcast. Here we just hit the ground running with our immediate varying reactions to Terminator Genisys all fueled, as always, by copious amounts of cigar smoke and adult beverages. It’s tough work for sure but somebody has to do it.


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The Romeo y Julieta 1875 is a very good looking cigar with a dark brown wrapper. Construction was top notch and the stogie was firm to the prelight squeeze. Throughout the duration of the cigar, the TNCC crew interestingly never once picked up the specific flavor notes mentioned in the The Cigar Pairing Guide: almond, cocoa, pumpkin, and butterscotch. However, while we didn’t pick up on those specific flavors we all enjoyed the 1875 and especially enjoyed it in conjunction with the beer that the Pairing Guide recommended. As far as the Romeo y Julieta 1875 is concerned, this is a case of the drink pairing greatly benefiting the smoking experience. The beer really livened up the tobacco of the cigar and took it to an interesting place that perhaps it wouldn’t have reached on its own or paired with a different beverage. On the flip side, the pairing guide also promised us a “distinctive white ash” and that promise was certainly fulfilled.
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Tonight we selected the Hans’ Pils German-style pilsner based on the recommendation of the Cigar Pairing Guide provided to us by Altadis and The Montecristo Social Club. In a nutshell, this pairing was a WINNER. The Hans’ Pils by Real Ale Brewing Company is a fantastically crisp, slightly hoppy, beer that lifted the straight forward profile of the cigar to another level. It’s finally beginning to get crazy hot down here in Central Texas (ugh) and this pilsner is a perfect beer to cool you down without drinking something watered down (such as Miller Lite perhaps, double ugh). If you’re looking for an interesting lighter shade beer that’s ideal for “smoking and joking” at a really nice price point – look no further.


I really wanted to like this film. We’ve well established on the podcast by now that I am the world’s second biggest Arnold fan (in regards to level of fandom, not my individual body weight) and I REALLY wanted this film to work so that Arnold could continue to make larger budget features both centered around and away from the retoolings of his earlier classic roles. The GREAT NEWS: Arnold is fantastic in Terminator Genisys! The BAD NEWS: you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get the bad news. All I’ll say here on this episode page is that sometimes one single miscasting of a character can tank an entire film in my eyes, especially if that particular “actor” occupies a major chunk of screen time and their “performance” stinks up the joint like a seafood restaurant dumpster on trash day. I won’t say who that particular character or “actor” is here but rest assured you’ll know him when you see him.
Or more specifically when he opens his mouth…
An “actor” that is perhaps better suited to pursue a career in modeling or playing professional rugby maybe. But, again folks, I’ll let you figure out for yourself who I have a major problem with. No clues here dammit!
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We talk a good deal on the show about these new Genisys actors having insanely HUGE boots to fill in the roles of Kyle, Sarah, and John and in our opinion this necessary criteria just sadly wasn’t met this time around. Otherwise the film also suffers from a lack of groundbreaking action and effects and way too much explanatory dialogue delivered flatly and without the driving passion we’ve come to expect from actors in the best of the Terminator entries. You’re a Terminator movie goddammit! Step up and act like it!!! I want to be blown away by things I’ve never seen before, I want to care deeply for the protagonists, I want bloodshed, I want a real sense of believable doom, and I want my T800 to drop some F-bombs. Is that so hard?

When a Terminator film is done right... it's such a beautifully unique heart pounding experience.

When a Terminator film is done right… it’s such a beautifully unique heart pounding experience.

As I write this, I’m considering watching the film again and trying to soak it all in through the eyes of a thirteen year old boy. I think that’s much more who this film’s primary target was and maybe it succeeds on that level. Either way, I highly encourage you to head out to the theaters to experience Terminator Genisys for yourself and then listen to our podcast and compare notes.


Despite the deviation in format, I think we managed to pull off an entertaining episode that covers both the entire Terminator franchise as a whole and a really nice cigar pairing in the process. If you agree or disagree do us a favor and leave us a some feedback on iTunes. Then shoot over to our Facebook page and show us some love by giving it a “Like”. Or else you’re terminated fuckers!

We’ll see you here next time when we review another film, cigar, and beverage. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.

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