Episode 13 – Can’t Buy Me Love / Mia Dora cigar / Fancy Lawnmower beereer

Half t-shirts, exposed glistening abdomens, tight form fitting acid washed jeans... AND THOSE ARE JUST THE GUYS!!!

It’s an unusual sadness that one feels when a celebrity, someone you’ve most likely never met in person but have only known through their public performances, dies. You feel silly getting too worked up over it but there’s no mistaking that feeling of loss you feel in your heart knowing that you’ll never see them grace the big screen, your television, or the big stage again. Amanda Peterson, the star of tonight’s film “Can’t Buy Me Love”, tragically passed away recently at the age of 43 and this episode is dedicated to her.*
(* of course in true TNCC fashion we attempted to honor Amanda’s memory by pouring out some of our pints into a large tabletop ashtray but everyone was reluctant to pour out too much of their treasured beer and then when we stingy bastards all FINALLY did it… the ashtray began leaking black sudsy goop all over the place. It was a very emotional moment… she will be missed)


IMG_8773     IMG_8783

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Another crowd pleaser from House of Emilio, the Mia Dora was impressive at first sight. Former Emilio head honcho Gary Griffith named this cigar after the love of his life so it only seemed fitting to pair this complex robusto with tonight’s feature presentation. Love is in the air everybody! And smoke is in the air… lots and lots of smoke poured consistently from both ends of this cigar throughout its duration. The Mia Dora was well constructed and the transitions that took place from the first to final third of the smoking experience were what impressed the group the most. While initially spicy early on, the cigar soon settled down into a nice pepper profile (not too bold) and then it eventually decided to grace us with a smooth creamy transition that rode us all the way to the end when the pepper came back briefly for just a few puffs to say its goodbyes. There was never a dull moment with this cigar so get your ass to your local brick and mortar cigar shop and try it out for yourself.


Straight outta Houston Texas comes this fantastic Kolsch style beer to turn your summertime sadness into summertime drunken madness! We could all tell just by watching this beer pour into the glass that it was going to be a winner…
IMG_8746     IMG_8747

IMG_8748     IMG_8749

IMG_8750     IMG_8769
Is that a beautiful pour or what? That’s some serious National Geographic photography shit happening right there. Saint Arnold specifically set out to make a beer for Texans to enjoy after a hot day spent out mowing their grass and they accomplished that goal in grand fashion. The Fancy Lawnmower is always interesting and tastes just as refreshing as the pint glass gets slightly warmer as it did fresh out of the gate. You don’t need some ridiculous $30 koozie to enjoy this smooth operator all day long. It’s a domestic with loads of personality, just like yours truly.


Half t-shirts, exposed glistening abdomens, tight form fitting acid washed jeans… AND THOSE ARE JUST THE GUYS!!! In all seriousness I’ve always had a soft spot for this film ever since Mense and I rode our bikes to see it play at our local cineplex back in the day. Obviously there were the typical things always present in these tyes of 80s movies that stood out to me and made me take notice…
…but there were also other more heady elements at play like the class division among the nerds and the jocks, the internal struggle with the role society has determined you will play in life (expressed perfectly by the late Ms. Peterson), unrequited love, an Icarus style tragic tale of loss, and a vast smorgasbord of absolutely wonderful fart jokes. We really dig into this film like it’s never been excavated before and I highly encourage you to listen to the podcast! I believe we’ll answer every single damn question you may have about this little gem of a film and we even find some time to tell some embarrassing high school memories of our own along the way.

At the end of the day, just like Big John, we all just want some answers...

At the end of the day, just like Big John, we all just want some answers…


Well I personally think we ended Season One on a high note. We gave the unique TNCC treatment to a deserving film and hopefully gave credit where credit hasn’t always been given to a very talented actress who unfortunately never went on to get the roles that I know she could have done wonders with. We also paired a great beer with an impressive cigar along the way which isn’t all that easy some times. And remember these episode pages are just a brief recap of the insanity, to get the full experience and to understand our true impressions of each subject being reviewed you must listen to the podcast. You must!

The Tuesday Night Cigar Club will return with our Season Two premiere in just a few short weeks. We’ve learned quite a bit so far, taken a lot of notes based on your feedback, and I think you’ll see some positive alterations and necessary tweaks to the show moving forward. And if we stray too far from what you dig about the TNCC just grab us by the collar and let us know that we fucked it all up.

"You shit on my podcast! YOU SHIT ON MY PODCAST!!!"

“You shit on my podcast! YOU SHIT ON MY PODCAST!!!”

Thank you for all your support. From the manufacturers who have submitted their cigars for us to review, to Storm and the C.A.T.S. family who honored us by letting the TNCC play a small part in their yearly juggernaut of a festival, to those of you who have taken the time to write up a review for us on iTunes or engaged with us on social media… THANK YOU. We’ll see you here next time when we review another film, cigar, and beverage. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.

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