Cigar Review – Dedicación Coach by All Saints Cigars

Texas football coaches hated soccer in the 1980s with a passion. And they were absolutely correct to do so as soccer is stupid.

Odit Dominus Ignavus Agit, which translates from Latin to “The Lord Hates A Coward”, is inscribed on the band of tonight’s cigar. I’ve always been fascinated by this phrase in its many forms for reasons that I can never quite put a finger on. It just gets my mind charged. A fantastic band, Tomahawk, wrote this song that you should listen to now and then we will continue with the review…



Size: 7 x 48 (box press)
Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $11.00 (the Dedicación Coach cigar is currently on sale at Famous Smoke Shop and if you use promo code TNCC20 it will take $20 off your order of $100 or more!)

The box pressed Mexican San Andrés wrapper is rustic as hell with a slight bit of damage to the leaf just north of the primary band. It appears as if the wrapper may have been patched but it’s honestly too difficult to determine for sure.

There is a distant aroma of sweetness off the wrapper which becomes much more pronounced when sniffing the foot of the Dedicación Coach directly. The cold draw reveals even more sweetness with just a touch of oak as well.




Body: medium
Strength: medium

A warm, inviting white pepper spice presents itself via the retrohale immediately upon torching the foot. The oak that was detected prelight is coming through by way of the draw and it’s joined by a French roast coffee note on the backend. Before we’re at the 1” mark of the Dedicación Coach, the burn line is growing a tad wavier than I like but a quick touch-up with my single flame lighter seems to correct the issue. Medium strength and body, so far the Dedicación Coach is proving to be far less spicy than I’m accustomed to experiencing with a cigar featuring a San Andrés wrapper leaf.

A hit of mineral arises through the nose making the presence of the cigar’s Nicaraguan components known. Just before the fifty yard line, the oakiness transitions in to a much smoother cedar-forward profile and it compliments the coffee note more favorably. By halftime, the spice is nearly nonexistent and a subtle walnut flavor is beginning to creep in underneath the cedar. Unfortunately, the wavy burn line has returned around this time as well.



Body: medium
Strength: mild/medium

After a second correction to the burn line, the Dedicación Coach seems to be behaving itself for now. I’m enjoying the transitioning woodsy flavors of the cigar accompanied by the coffee element, although the diminished spice has admittedly left me scratching my head a bit. The second half has introduced a touch of creaminess via the retro just as the nuttiness through the draw is vanishing quicker than my beloved Bears playoff chances a few games in to every NFL season. All Saints founder Mickey Pegg has dedicated this cigar line to the meaningful people in his life and I’m assuming the “Coach” is a tribute to, well, a coach. My middle school football coach Moe Cotter once said these wise words that have stuck with me for decades, “Men, round balls roll funny while oblong balls roll true.” Yes, Texas football coaches hated soccer in the 1980s with a passion. And they were absolutely correct to do so as soccer is stupid.

I’m going to feel bad if Mr. Pegg dedicated this particular cigar to his old soccer coach. Anyhoo, while the burn issue rears its head once again just before reaching the band I’ve decided to let it ride rather than take lighter to it. While the Mexican San Andrés wrapper leaf has been devoid of its typical characteristic spice, a hint of sweetness has begun to shine through in the last quarter of the smoking experience and it’s a most welcome development. That sweetness combined with the cream, coffee, and cedar flavors make the final act of the Dedicación Coach the cigar’s MVP for sure. The cigar begins to burn extremely hot with a little over an inch to go so I’m compelled to bid farewell to it a tad earlier than expected.




Burn issues aside, the Dedicación Coach from All Saints was an enjoyable cigar that would pair really well with either a cup of coffee or a mid-IBU pale ale to give it some additional kick. Speaking of construction issues, it’s certainly worth mentioning that the 2nd sample I smoked for review performed flawlessly from a construction standpoint with a smooth draw and damn near perfect burn line. So if this all sounds like a cigar profile that’s in your wheelhouse, make a game plan and head over to Famous Smoke Shop to grab yourself a fiver and let us know what you think!

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