Cigar Review – Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness by RoMa Craft Tobac

The Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness features highly enjoyable flavors that all work in unison together wonderfully over the course of its 77 minute running time...

Sometimes I select a cigar for review not based on “what’s new on the shelf” or “what’s everybody talking about” but, rather, I’ll choose a cigar from my personal humidor that I’ve enjoyed many times over the years but have never reviewed. These are cigars in my somewhat regular rotation of daily stogies that I light, smoke, and drop their lifeless nubs in the ashtray without truly focusing on the cigar and solely the cigar while smoking them. The ballgame has my attention, a Family Guy rerun has my attention, my kiddos have my attention, or maybe I’m stupid drunk and I just don’t find myself concentrating on the actual smoking experience and that (potentially) special experience alone. Well ladies and germs, that all changes as far as the Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness is concerned tonight! The TV is turned off and my expert, award winning, well regarded palate is turned on. Goodness, what’s a humble cigar reviewer have to do to get some goddamn respect around here?


Size: 5 x 56 (box-pressed robusto gordo)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
Binder: Indonesian Besuki
Filler: Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Price: $9.20 (while this cigar was purchased for review out in the wild, if you head over to you can get a box of RoMa Craft Goodness for just $105.99 using promo code TNCC20. Goodness gracious that’s a hell of a deal!)

The Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness features aromas of grass, roasted coffee, and there’s a distinct raw almond presence when sniffing the foot of the Goodness directly. The cigar is appropriately firm with just the right amount of give when this box-pressed, golden beauty is gently squeezed between two fingers. But go ahead and give it a squeeze with four fingers if you’re feeling frisky, she can handle it…



Body: medium
Strength: mild/medium

Upon ignition, there’s a medium pepper spice through the nose and equal parts cedar, coffee, and a minimal amount of mineral via the draw. Smoke production is copious and the draw is as smooth as a dream here early on. I really dig this particular cigar paired with coffee and while I would love nothing more than to revisit that winning pairing now, I try to avoid drinking any beverages other than water while reviewing. But, trust me, when I tell you this:

12 oz. dark roast
1 tbsp heavy whipping cream
1 Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness

A little before the fifty yard line, the diminishing pepper on the retrohale is joined by a creaminess that compliments the draw’s core flavors of woodsy cedar, light coffee, and mineral very nicely.

Construction has remained outstanding in the first half with a straight burn that’s resulted in a stack-o-nickles ash… if nickels were square that is. Stack-o-stamps? Stack-o-Cheez-Its? Stack-o-Scrabble-pieces?



Body: medium
Strength: mild/medium

The pepper strength has begun to increase here in the second half but its reemergence does not muscle out the cream whatsoever, it’s a really interesting and enjoyable yin and yang at play. Light woodsiness is gradually overtaking the coffee note now and the Nica mineral component is all but nonexistent.

The burn line grows slightly uneven with about an inch and a half to go but I’ll file that under “Who Gives A Shit” as it does nothing to disrupt the smoking experience. Some things are only an issue if you convince yourself that they’re an issue. Just relax a bit, man. Overall construction remains stellar and that stack-o-Scrabble-pieces ash continues to impress…




The Intemperance EC XVIII Goodness features highly enjoyable flavors that all work in unison together wonderfully over the course of its 77 minute running time. Combine that with expert-level construction and this cigar is a perfect pairing partner for your favorite cup of coffee. At the risk of being poked fun of by RoMa Craft cofounder Skip Martin, there was an awesome buttery note that arose towards the end but I wisely didn’t mention that in the above review to save me some grief.

WHY THE FUCK DID I MENTION IT NOW? I WAS IN THE CLEAR! Fine then. Poke away, my friend, poke away…

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