Episode 29 – Color Of Night / Cunning cigar / Little Sumpin Sumpin ale

In the heat of desire, love can turn to deception. Nothing is what it seems when day turns into night.

Boy oh boy, do we have a special episode of the Tuesday Night Cigar Club podcast for you tonight! We may have taken a pass on reviewing “50 Shades Of Grey” a while back after promising to do so BUT we more than make up for it tonight by tackling a true erotic classic in “Color Of Night”. You simply have to listen to this one you fuckin daffodils!!!*

Jason Tuttle describes in great detail what he saw when he accidentally walked in on Cade changing pants before tonight's show.

Jason Tuttle describes in great detail what he saw when he accidentally walked in on Cade changing pants before tonight’s show.

*that’s a line from our featured movie, I’d never call you a fuckin daffodil, I love you all.


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The super silky Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper feels incredibly smooth to the touch and is the polar opposite of its darker brother Joya’s Merciless (another Famous Smoke Shop exclusive) that we reviewed back in Episode 26. The Cunning has a perfect draw and upon toasting the foot you’re immediately greeted by a mild spice that quickly transitions into pleasing notes of leather, cedar, and vanilla (think a Starbuck’s Vanilla Frappuccino) throughout the duration of the smoke. Three of us at the table found the cigar to be stronger than we expected, especially for a Connecticut, while Tuttle didn’t pick up on any strength whatsoever. He just kept mumbling “It’s so damn pleasant” over and over again…

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This is a complex stogie. What some of the TNCC crew experienced in the first third of the cigar, others didn’t experience until the final act. Flavors came and went and then came back again. Construction was top notch throughout with a razor sharp burn line and copious smoke production. I’ve mentioned many times on the podcast that I’m a huge fan of Joya de Nicaragua and I feel confident in stating that while you may not enjoy the taste profile of a particular blend produced in their factory, you’ll very rarely if ever encounter construction issues. After smoking the Cunning churchill, the boys guessed a $10 price point and they were stunned when I informed them that five packs could often be found on the Cigar Monster app for half that price. HALF! Seriously, at under five bucks a stick this might be the best hidden gem we’ve discovered on the show so far.


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This pale wheat ale is delicious. The floral notes balance out the bitterness (IBU 65!) so well that even a non-IPA fuckin daffodil like Tuttle couldn’t stop drinking it. It’s so smooth on the front end and that’s followed by a bitter finish that’s “just hoppy enough” to keep things interesting pint after pint after pint. This beer reminded us of tonight’s cigar a great deal with its complexity and they paired beautifully together without ever competing with each other for our attention. Seek it out and drink it up!

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Yeah, you guessed it, I’m not going to reveal much here as far as what directions tonight’s film discussion takes us. It’s the first erotic thriller we’ve tackled on the show but after this evening I have a feeling it won’t be our last…

Bill "You wanna screw again or listen to The Tuesday Night Cigar Club podcast?" Rose "Let's do it while we listen to the podcast." Bill "Now you're talking baby."

Bill “You wanna screw again or listen to The Tuesday Night Cigar Club podcast?”
Rose “Let’s do it while we listen to the podcast.”
Bill “Now you’re talking baby.”

It’s an underrated film that’s always held a special place in my heart and I had a feeling walking in to The Corner Of No Hope tonight that when the microphones turned on we’d do it justice. Thankfully, I wasn’t wrong. Head over to iTunes or click the player below to hear for yourself. And just to be perfectly clear – we faked every orgasm on tonight’s program.


We go a little nuts on this episode but don’t worry our hands remain above the table at all times and we keep it NC-17 for the most part. A cigar and beer pairing like we discovered tonight really helps oil the machine and the end result is one of those shows that works on many different levels. You’ll laugh, you’ll get turned on, you’ll laugh some more, and maybe just maybe you’ll learn a little something. You know what else works on many levels? Bruce Willis’s wiener. That thing’s a work horse!!!

"Sayonara you fuckin daffodils!!!"

“Sayonara you fuckin daffodils!!!”

Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…

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