Episode 74 – Batman & Robin (1997) / Daniel Marshall Black Label cigar / Bat Outta Helles lager

"To sit around with your friends, talk about the world, watch a movie together, enjoy some great cigars and some good spirits... what could be better?" Daniel Marshall

“To sit around with your friends, talk about the world, watch a movie together, enjoy some great cigars and some good spirits… what could be better?”
Daniel Marshall

Our simple response to Mr. Marshall – NOTHING! There’s absolutely nothing that could possibly beat that scenario and we have 74 episodes now to back that theory up. Folks, our interview tonight with cigar industry icon Daniel Marshall is must watch stuff. So many stories, so much knowledge, and the man is as humble and generous as can be. So if, just this once, you skip reading everything else on this page and jump right down to the bottom where you can watch/listen to this special episode I completely understand.


Factory: Quesada
Size: 5 x 52
Wrapper: 5 year aged Connecticut shade
Binder: Mexican
Filler: Dominican Republic

Prior to lighting up, Tut identified the faint taste of creole seasoning on the cold draw. Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning ® to be more specific. Wow, that’s a new one! And, weirder yet, the rest of us soon picked up on it too. Fortunately that unique taste disappeared as soon as the cigar was lit on fire, I like red beans and rice but I don’t want to smoke them… or do I? No, no I don’t. Still, any time we experience a new note when smelling or smoking a cigar after all these many years is reason to celebrate.





Cream is the dominant force in the retrohale, smooth delicious cream. There’s chocolate milk, cedar, and a very faint leather on the draw and the strength never rises above a solid mild. Stack of nickels ash, straight burn line, and the Black Label draws like a dream. Super smooth. Super easy. Super tasty.





There’s a nice surprise of tempered spice that appears for about ten minutes in the final third that pairs very well with the cedar note and then it dissipates but I appreciated the unexpected variable. While not a cigar that features much in the way of transitions overall, the singular profile of cream, chocolate, and mild woodsy notes hit us on the right night tonight. We loved it, you’d be correct in making this your summer time cigar for the next few months. And if you’re in the market for a new desktop humidor, Daniel Marshall is currently running a really cool Cash For Clunkers program that you’ll definitely want to take advantage of before it’s too late!







A Munich helles lager that is refreshing and really tasty AND I’m not just saying that because it’s hot as fucking balls in Texas right now. A citrusy beer that lacks citrus, while there’s a hint of orange on front end (and in the aroma) it quickly vanishes before you’re done swallowing. Weird I know, but we all shared in that opinion nonetheless and we’re the official beer scientists around these parts so don’t dare question us…

Diagnosis: Delicious!

We called tonight’s cigar “super easy” and that descriptor fits just as well with the Bat Outta Helles lager. It’s crisp, it’s refreshing, it’s just really easy. And when the Central Texas thermometer teeters around the 100 degree mark, really, it’s hard to get a thumbs down from us if the beer is cold and delivers on some genuine flavor as an added bonus. Here’s to you Bat Outta Helles, thanks for quenching our thirst in style for three hours!


You know, the gratuitous butt shots and rubber nipples get a lot of blame put on them for Batman & Robin’s misguided tone and overall lack of success. But the real problem at play here is something far more head-scratching than a Robin ass or a Bat booty.

Are these Master Bruce’s canned hams or Boy Wonder’s tight lil’ tushy? That’s not a question one should have to face while watching a comic book movie, am I right?

Oh brother… have you ever wondered what would happen if the director of a major Hollywood summer blockbuster hypnotized his entire A-List cast on the first day of filming and commanded them to forget everything they knew about the craft of acting? Well wonder no more because you get this!

I’ve seriously seen Burger King commercials with more believable performances… from the crispy pretzel chicken fries.

And it’s not just Uma stinking up the joint, Clooney sucks and O’Donnell blows as well. All three of us agreed that only Arnold came out of this film with his reputation unscathed, he delivers a homerun performance as Mister Freeze bringing his bigger-than-life personality to the party with a side of ice cold savagery. Oh cmon, you knew I was going to get at least one cold pun in there!

Chill out and join the party!

Seriously though, we have a lot of fun dissecting this film so click on the links below to watch or listen right now. Don’t be left out in the cold!



I want to thank Daniel Marshall for taking the time to class up our little podcast this evening, as you can probably tell we would have talked to him for the entire show if we could have. Hopefully we will reconnect with him down the road. In the meantime, he’ll be drinking vodka cranberries while smoking stogies and playing chess with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Swiss Alps and I’ll still be stuck in The Corner Of No Hope playing Chutes & Ladders with these two assholes. C’est la vie!

Sayonara motherfuckers!

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Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…

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