Episode 75 – Beach Babes From Beyond (1993) / La Vencedora cigar / Space Dust IPA

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“When we walk into the Pittsburgh Motel 6 lobby, I don’t need Joe Schmo behind the counter telling me what a podcasting badass I am. I know what I am.”

You see, Rose McGowan, you’re not the only one whose ego is wildly out of control. Yes folks, we do briefly dive back into the #MeToo movement discussion on tonight’s show. It’s a cause we’ve always supported from its inception and with the recent death of Anthony Bourdain (another major voice in the #MeToo community) coinciding with the zany antics of Ms. McGowan we just couldn’t resist running our mouths a bit more on the subject. Plus, when you’re about to spend 2+ hours talking about a movie called Beach Babes From Beyond… you have to balance the scales just a little bit.


Size: 5 x 50
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $9.00





The presentation of the La Vencedora is superb, the highly decorative shiny band pops nicely visually off the dark oscuro wrapper. While Tut experienced cocoa on the cold draw, Yak Boy said that sniffing the foot of the cigar was like “sticking his nose into a dense forest”. And sure enough, clear as breasts and blue suede shoes, he was right! Upon ignition, the cigar delivered very strong notes of rich oak and earth. There’s also a chewy sweetness present which is one of our favorite classic characteristics of a Nicaraguan puro.





Any sense of flavors on the retrohale are nearly nonexistent early on (with the exception of some very muted cream and cinnamon) which is surprising given how substantial and full bodied the cigar is. For this one, the flavors are almost all on your palate and at about an inch into the smoking experience everything jumps up a notch. The somewhat tight draw suddenly opens up considerably, smoke production increases, and a big dark chocolate note welcomes itself to the party. This addition of chocolate melds well with the oak.


In the second half, the cream on the retrohale made its presence a little more known and the chocolate slowly dissipates throughout the final third as the cigar comes to an end. Our general consensus was that the La Vencedora showed hints of interesting elements, it flirted with complexity at times, but as a whole the cigar never lived up to the potential of those brief hints.



No galaxy hops are used in this outer space beer? I call bullshit!!! Just kidding, this imperial IPA is actually delicious as hell with a hop profile that seems far less bitter than its IBUs would suggest (73). There’s a definite maltiness present underneath the hops that really appealed to Tut as a non-IPA fan. Add in a faint citrus element (orange) and the end result is a crisp, refreshing, super flavorful beer that earned a big Three Thumbs Up from everyone at the table.





In fact, the Space Dust IPA ranks right up there with our beloved G’Knight Imperial Red IPA as one of the most memorable IPAs that we’ve ever featured on the TNCC. That’s high praise indeed and it’s well deserved.


WARNING: Everything you need to know leading into tonight’s film discussion can be learned by watching the trailer below BUT there is some nudity on display, so if you’re reading this on your work computer switch over to your cell phone and head off for a quick “bathroom break”. We’ll wait patiently…

Hmmm… why were you gone so long? You dirty dog, you. Tonight’s film is a lot of fun and we have a lot of fun discussing every single aspect of it. They just don’t make em like they used to. And that’s all I’m going to say about it here, so watch or listen below and join the party! Do It Now!!!



Tonight is a prime example of the beer being so damn good that it was difficult for the cigar to let its personality be known. I’d like to revisit the La Vencedora down the road with a different pairing partner that doesn’t overshadow it and see how it performs. And speaking of performances, I think we all agreed that based on “the talents” we saw on display in tonight’s movie, we will be revisiting our boobtastic alien friends in Beach Babes From Beyond 2: Cave Girl Island on a future episode very very soon…

Man, that’s a lot of empty bottles… Sayonara motherfuckers!

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