Fritz Beer

Yes, you read correctly, his last name is BEER. Fritz Beer. And he is the official musical voice of the TNCC.

Yes, you read correctly, his last name is BEER. Fritz Beer.


And he is the official musical voice of the TNCC. For the most part, all the music you hear throughout the podcast is written and performed by Fritz and his talented accomplices. Cade first met Fritz while he was fronting the legendary Austin Texas rock outfit known as Punchy. Cade used several Punchy songs in his independent film “Graduation Day” and the two fast became friends, with Fritz later scoring the entire soundtrack to Cade’s next film “Underbelly”. Fritz currently resides in North Carolina where he is constantly performing his vast catalog of unique American rock and roll in front of sea after sea of satisfied listeners…

Again, his name is Fritz Fucking Beer. If Cade would change his last name to Cigar they’d make the perfect couple.

We now pronounce you Mr. & Mr. Beer-Cigars!

We now pronounce you Mr. & Mr. Beer-Cigars!

Seek Fritz out on to purchase tracks you hear on the show and we feel confident you’ll be picking up some others while you’re there.

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Brother of the Leaf, Filmmaker, Prophet, former Mr. South Dakota 1996. I was a bouncer on the child beauty pageant circuit until one too many juice boxes went missing and somebody had to take the fall. I was set up. Ok, I was thirsty. All that hairspray in the air dries out your throat like a motherfu... I apologize to no man. Now I host the Tuesday Night Cigar Club podcast.


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