Episode 10 – Zombeavers / Flor de Oliva 10th Anniversary cigar / Dankosaurus IPA

It’s our 10th episode and HOLY SHIT do we ever celebrate this momentous occasion in style! I can’t remember laughing this hard in a very long time and I...

It’s our 10th episode and HOLY SHIT do we ever celebrate this momentous occasion in style! I can’t remember laughing this hard in a very long time and I usually laugh quite a bit as I’m easily amused by a myriad stupid things on a very basic level. I know I always encourage you to listen to the podcast but, just this one time, I’m afraid I must insist.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


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If you’ve listened to the show in the past, you’ve heard the boys and myself mention our mutual fondness for Oliva cigars and more specifically their Flor de Oliva. It’s our go-to budget cigar and we buy bundles of them by the… well, by the bundle obviously. Yak Boy and I love the Sumatra wrapped version while Tut enjoys the maduro. So when I saw that Atlantic Cigar Company was releasing ten packs of the Flor de Oliva 10th Anniversary after ten years of slumber in their perfectly humidified vaults… I gobbled them up in anticipation of us one day celebrating our 10th episode with one of these perfectly aged stogies. They only had the small robusto available for purchase unfortunately so, as we’ve witnessed time and time again on the podcast, they smoked really fast and we were just getting started when it seemed like this flavorful stick was cashing in its chips. The cigar is advertised as a mild, smooth, creamy experience and that description is definitely spot on. It was also pleasantly flavorful for such a mild cigar and the construction was flawless which I’ve come to expect from Oliva.
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I can’t stress enough to potential submitters of cigars for review on the show, please consider sending us a sampler of larger vitolas such as churchills or toros (as I said, it should be noted that these came from my own stash). We don’t do your typical hour long cookie cutter podcast – we rock a ballsy THREE HOUR PLUS show every time and the longer a smoke lasts the more we can talk about it, dissect it, analyze it, and hopefully fall in love with it.
Will we bring out this cigar again to celebrate our ten year anniversary of doing the podcast? That depends my friends, do they allow smoking in the fucking looney bin?


I’m really going to miss this tap wall. Let me rephrase that – I’M REALLY GOING TO FUCKING MISS THIS BEAUTIFUL GLORIOUS TAP WALL!!! There I feel better. Not really but I’ve cried so many tears into my pints at this point that I believe I’m ready to move forward. I’ve been through all the phases of grief at this point:
1) Denial – “Yeah right, the pub isn’t transitioning to non smoking. That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard!”
2) Anger – “Why can’t everybody just lighten up and smoke a goddamn cigar! If everybody smoked cigars everybody would be happy and we could still do the podcast at the pub!”
3) Bargaining – “If I can find some local satanists or pagans at the nearby flea market maybe they will let me sever one of Mense’s fingers as a sacrifice to their demon god in exchange for a spell that forbids the pub from going nonsmoking!”
4) Depression – “What’s the point of doing a podcast if we can’t do it at the pub? There is no point, to anything any more. I hate everything and everyone right now.”
5) Acceptance – “We will still be able to smoke outside on the patio of the pub so not all is lost and we can AND WILL find a new home for the podcast that feels just as good to us if not better. Also, if by going nonsmoking Obriens Irish Pub sees an increase in traffic and money in their registers this can only be seen as a great thing for our friends.”
Wow, when did I get all mature and crap?
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I posted more photos than usual above because I wanted to document the last beer poured at the pub for The Tuesday Night Cigar Club Podcast and to show you exactly why having a beer at Obriens is such a fantastic experience as opposed to drinking in your garage alone. But enough about nostalgia and the past – LOOK AT THAT DELICIOUS IPA FLOWING FROM THE TAP!!! That is the Dankosaurus IPA from Cedar Creek Brewery and it is phenomenal. So phenomenal, in fact, that the keg floated during the recording of tonight’s episode and not due solely to our Herculean drinking efforts for once. But before the wall went dry we all managed to get in two pints of this crazy good beer. If you aren’t a fan of hoppy IPAs and the jaw tingling bitterness that usually accompanies them to the party then the Dankosaurus might be for you. While low on bitterness despite its claim to being loaded with hops, this puppy is huge on flavor – peach notes and a really nice maltiness stood out to me in particular. The Dankosaurus also received a big thumbs up from Tut, who is on the record as generally disliking IPAs, and our anti-bitterite bartender extraordinaire Nata who was blown away by it as well. We will miss Nata immensely, she always brought us a big pint of sass with every pint full of booze and whoever delivers us our libations on the podcast moving forward will forever live in her sweet, loving, and slightly intimidating Eastern European shadow.

Nata "The Podcast Bartender" (2015 - 2015)

“The Podcast Bartender”
(2015 – 2015)


We watched a movie called Zombeavers for our special tenth episode. When you listen you’ll certainly notice quickly that I’m unusually harsh towards the flick and I’m still not sure exactly why it rubbed me the wrong way. But I’m not going to go off on it here as well. Just trust me when I say that you will laugh hard and enjoy the hell out this episode and for that I thank the makers of Zombeavers. What I love about the TNCC is that we give the same extensive and fair treatment to Zombeavers that we give to Once Upon A Time In The West. And that will be the only time ever in your entire life that you see those two films mentioned in the same sentence. You’re welcome Zombeavers.

The only beaver joke in cinematic history you'll ever need.

The only beaver joke in cinematic history you’ll ever need.

So what are you waiting for, GET TO THE PODCAST!!!


A short cigar, a beer keg with a short lifespan, and a movie that couldn’t possibly be short enough. Sometimes life is… Too $hort. So smoke em, drink em, and hit the stop button on the Roku remote while you still can.

See you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather.

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