Episode 104 – Banana Splits Movie (2019), Wynwood Hills Mayhem & Black Diamond cigars, Gulden Draak 9000 Quadruple

Happy Halloween suckas!!!!!

What a jolly group of assholes we are…

We haven’t had this much fun recording a show in a long while. Sometimes the movie doesn’t need to be a winner (tonight it isn’t) and we don’t all need to agree on the quality of the cigars (tonight we don’t) to have a phenomenal time discussing both. And often when the beer is double digits in alcohol content we tend to talk a lot of shit about every other topic under the full October moon as well. I think you’ll have a lot of fun with this episode boys and ghouls, enjoy!


Size: 4 1/2 x 50
Wrapper: Honduras (Jamastran)
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Price: $7.50 (Famous Smoke Shop, use promo code TNCC20 for $20 off $100!)

There’s two other blends under CLE’s “Wynwood Hills” umbrella, the Unhinged and the Deranged cigars, but for tonight I’ve selected the Mayhem because that’s what I was hoping our movie would deliver… you can’t win them all, I suppose.

I believe over the course of almost five years of us doing the show, this is our very first Honduran puro up for review. There’s a nice light pepper that pops up on the retrohale upon torching the foot and then notes of toast and cedar present themselves on the draw. That cedar and breadiness remain dominant with a mild leather entering the party in the second half (and the uncommon sensation of pencil shavings pops up on the nose as well!).

The Wynwood Hills Mayhem delivered anything but mayhem with fantastic construction featuring a perfect draw and a stack of dimes ash on all three samples. It’s a very dry, clean smoking, smooth cigar that we all three enjoyed.



Size: 4 1/2 x 52
Wrapper: Connecticut Cuban Seed Sungrown
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Price: $17.25

This is our very first offering from J.C. Newman, the oldest cigar company in America founded back in 1895, and we were all excited about this particular cigar. Here’s what the J.C. Newman’s press release has to say about the Black Diamond brand:

“The Diamond Crown brand is synonymous with excellence and was the first cigar of its kind when Stanford Newman launched it for our company’s 100th Anniversary. He had a dream of launching the company’s first
luxury cigar. He didn’t care how much it cost to make it or even if it sold, he just wanted it to be the best. As the newest member to the Diamond Crown Family, Black Diamond offers a uniquely exquisite taste featuring
carefully aged tobaccos not found in any other cigar in the world. It is hand crafted by the finest cigar makers at Tabacalera A. Fuente in the Dominican Republic exclusively for J.C. Newman Cigar Company.

Eric and Bobby Newman worked closely with Carlos Fuente, Sr. and Carlos Fuente, Jr. developing a new blend worthy of the Black Diamond name. Five-year-old aged filler tobaccos are exclusively grown for Black Diamond by the Fuente Family in the Dominican Republic and meticulously hand-rolled into a rich-tasting Connecticut Havana seed sun-grown wrapper. The Diamond Crown Black Diamond is a small batch epicurean cigar and is very limited in production because it is held to the absolute highest standard of quality control. This cigar is only offered in 150 retail stores nation-wide, making it a rare find, and a rewarding smoke.”

The rustic dark-as-night Connecticut grown wrapper is simply gorgeous, giving off an aroma of sweetness and that sweet component is present on the cold draw as well. The Black Diamond Radiant is super firm to the touch as well without feeling hard, it’s just packed to the gills with tobacco. So presentation overall, before we even set fire to this sucker, was just outstanding. I selected this cigar for review as I hoped tonight’s film would turn out to be “a diamond in the rough”… you can’t win them all, I suppose.

Rich flavors of dark chocolate and hickory flooded our palates while a low level spice tingled our noses. Unfortunately, that distinctive sweetness we all sensed prior to lighting up was nowhere to be found at any point. Smoke production is abundant and visually awesome as the thick grey smoke slowly travels up the body of the cigar and lingers. Strength picks up considerably in the second half of the smoking experience and with that jump comes a new mild leather note as well.



This heavy beer is fucking delicious! And I’m not kidding about it being a heavy beer, our pints easily weighed twice what they normally do tonight as this quadruple is just immensely dense and literally loaded down with flavor. One flavor the was advertised but not picked up on by our expert palates was banana which would have been a nice tie-in to our movie. You can’t win them all, I suppose…

Dark fruit, baking spices, and delicious malts all swirl together in this viscous brew to deliver one of the best beers we’ve featured here in The Corner Of No Hope in quite some time. And, at a scary 10.7% ABV, we had hoped it would aid us greatly in getting through tonight’s hopefully scary “film”… you can’t win them all, I suppose.


Was the film filled with mayhem? No. Was it a cinematic diamond in the rough? Hell no. Was it scary at all whatsoever? Fuck no. We shit all over The Banana Splits Movie tonight but we unanimously had nothing but praise for the acting on display in this lackluster dud. This movie simply doesn’t deserve this good of a cast!

Thespians Dani Kind and Romeo Carere searching for a way out of this disappointing retro shiftfest…

Somehow you lame motherfuckers talked Hanna-Barbera into granting you permission to use one of its highly treasured intellectual properties and you completely dropped the ball as far as inventive and over-the-top kills are concerned. We wanted Peter Jackson’s Bad Taste level gore and guts and slop but we got SyFy Channel generic, uninspired, weak sauce instead.

The Banana Splits Movie is the perfect example of a clever, unique concept that’s just unfortunately executed very poorly. What a wasted opportunity – Three Thumbs Down.


Well ladies and germs, this concludes our 5th annual March To Halloween Drinking & Smoking & Drinking Some More Boorific Going Bananas Extravaganza!!! Or something like that. Did we go bananas tonight? Yes, yes we did. So click on the links below and join the party!

Happy Halloween suckas!!!

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