Episode 78 – Dirty Dealing (2018) / Debonaire Cigars / Dirty Bastard Ale

Tonight’s movie Dirty Dealing was free on Amazon Prime and that cost too much. But as always your boys at the TNCC made the most of it and turned lemons into delicious Scotch Ale and had a lot of laughs...

Tonight’s episode if brought to you by the letter D. You know folks, even when the elements don’t always come together and work out in our favor, your friendly neighborhood TNCC always manages to have a good time. ALWAYS! Well, almost always. So if you like having a good time (and who doesn’t like having a good time? terrorists maybe, or assholes… you’re not a terrorist asshole are you?) jump down to the bottom of this here page and watch/listen to tonight’s show and join the party! Do it now!


SIZE: 6 x 50
WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
BINDER: Dominican
FILLER: Dominican and Nicaraguan
PRICE: $13.00





A leathery aroma upon ignition, the Daybreak delivers a smooth creaminess and a light woodsy flavor early on with just a dash of pepper on the nose. A short while later the mild pepper remains on the retrohale but is joined by a subtle breadiness.


Starting off straight up mild and eventually moving towards the left side of medium in strength, the Daybreak toro features very good construction with straight burn lines, long ashes, and it draws with just the right amount of pull. Faint flavors of graham cracker, leather, walnuts, and peanuts also briefly come and go but the creamy woodsiness on the palate and pepper retrohale are consistent throughout. In the final third, every flavor that has previously came and went reemerges and all these notes play together until the cigar is no more. The Daybreak toro is an enjoyable and complex cigar that features some nice transitions and it’s only hampered by its high price point.






SIZE: 5.5 x 38
WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf
BINDER: Dominican
FILLER: Nicaraguan & Dominican
PRICE: $8.74




Our second Debonaire cigar of the evening, the Sagita Petite Lancero Maduro featured an oily wrapper with big thick veins and two out of the three samples smoked had pig tail caps (I guess the third one went wee wee wee all the way home?). This cigar is rustic as hell and wouldn’t at all look out of place in Clint Eastwood’s mouth as he rode a horse in Italy. There’s sweet raisins on the cold draw and strong notes of earth and pepper once the foot of the cigar is torched. Eventually there’s some hints of dried fruit, like that stuff in trail mix you skip over and eventually throw out (dates? figs? fucking papaya maybe?) but that’s about it. And at this price point I’d love to nub this cigar but it burns really hot in the final third and unfortunately I have to call it a day. Or call it a night. Or call it whatever….




And that is about it. Final TNCC Score: 82


This copper colored Scotch style ale has a lot going on. Malts, hops, and a unique smokiness all come together to deliver a super flavorful, complex beer. I’m not a fan of lagers in general but the Dirty Bastard comes across as having very lagerish tendencies boosted by the inclusion of a very nice maltiness and just the right amount of bitterness.




Founders is 2 for 2 now with the TNCC after we certainly enjoyed their Breakfast Stout, so I’m pumped to dig deeper into their catalog of beers. But in the meantime, seek this one out!


Take a real close look at this poster for Dirty Dealing. I’ll wait…

You’ve got the one and only Michael Madsen, a plethora of hot babes in skimpy outfits, and it’s all shot in glorious 3D! Only Madsen sleeps through his performance, the girls mostly keep their clothes on, and the movie is not presented in 3D. I feel like we were the ones dealt a dirty hand here. But at least C Thomas Howell was pretty good in this Vegas caper. That counts for something… right?

We know how you feel Raine, we know how you feel…



Sometimes price point matters. The Daybreak was an enjoyable cigar but the price tag certainly doesn’t do it any favors. Tonight’s movie Dirty Dealing was free on Amazon Prime and that cost too much as well. But as always your boys at the TNCC made the most of it and turned lemons into delicious Scotch Ale and had a lot of laughs.

Sayonara motherfuckers!!!

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