The Boot Of Remembrance

Enjoy the video, it's ok to cry. Or get aroused. The choice is yours.

Rowdy Roddy Piper, Wes Craven, Lemmy, Bowie… so many fallen legends have led us back time and time again to The Boot Of Remembrance.

After reviewing the brilliant 1984 classic film “Hot Dog: The Movie” on Episode 24 of the podcast, the Tuesday Night Cigar Club felt inspired. Inspired to commit an expression of their friendship and brotherhood to celluloid for all of eternity. Inspired to take their legendary “Boot Of Remembrance” ceremony to a new level of both emotional depths and artistic expression. And, finally, inspired to share this beautiful glimpse of themselves and their vulnerable damaged souls with the outside world.

Are we not men? No, we are The Tuesday Night Cigar Club.

Huge thanks are in order to our brother Fritz Beer for cooking up this amazing song in just a week’s time. Get your ass over to his website and show him some love by downloading this track and a bunch of others while you’re there. Enjoy the video, it’s ok to cry. Or get aroused. The choice is yours.

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