Episode 119 – Jaws 3-D (1983), La Unica & Culebra cigars, Beers

Welcome to this sweat soaked tidal wave of hardbodied insanity we like to call The Tuesday Night Cigar Club!

“I guess right now the world is so fucked that you’re probably better off down in the ocean with a bigass shark…”

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Sea World… Welcome everybody to a brand spanking new episode of The Tuesday Night Cigar Club! The crew is still separated and unable to convene at the Corner Of No Hope due to this lame ass Corona Virus BUT the show must go on and I think we have a good one for you tonight. What’s summertime without cold beers and killer shark movies? Add in some special cigars and the party pretty much writes itself. So click the links below and JOIN THE PARTY!!!!!


Size: 4.5 x 50 (the No. 400 in the Rothschild size)
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Dominican
Price: $6.45 (and while these were generously provided to us by our sponsor J.C. Newman for review, you can find them on sale right now at FamousSmokeShop.com and by using promo code “TNCC20” at checkout you can knock that price down to $4.15 a stick!)

This ain’t the prettiest cigar we’ve ever seen, the wrapper is a bit mottled, but we won’t hold that against it. A grape-like fruitiness and hay are very apparent in the cold draw. Upon lighting the foot on fire, there’s an unexpected black pepper spice on the retrohale as well. I coined the term “creamy coffiness” as far as my first impressions were concerned and the crew agreed with this new term I cooked up.

There’s floral and cedar notes on the draw along with that “creamy coffiness” and a touch of toast as the smoking experience continues. The pepper on the retrohale remains present throughout. It’s a very pleasant, really cool little cigar.

A nuttiness (cashews) develops in the final third as well. For the small size of this cigar, the amount of different flavors experienced in the La Unica is impressive. While this cigar ain’t the prettiest girl at the party, she sure knows how to party. And at this favorable price point, we’ll be back to party with her again down the road for sure.



As professional cigar experts we, naturally, didn’t crack any dick jokes whatsoever when discussing these bendy cigars…

Back in 2019, or as I call it “the good ol’ days”, J.C. Newman started bringing the Brick House Culebra to their live sales events. It is a special presentation that is not available for sale. The Culebra showcases three different Brick House blends: the Double Connecticut, the Maduro, and the Natural. What is a culebra cigar, you ask? Well, a culebra (which translates to “snake”) is usually comprised of 3 underfilled panatella cigars (6 x 38) that are entwined together in a braid and tied together by a ribbon at each end.

While it’s cool to scratch a unique smoking experience off of our collective bucket lists, it was very cool to find that each of the 3 separate cigars smoked great construction-wise and delivered solid flavors as well.

It’s NOT meant to be smoked by one individual at once but rather unwound and shared amongst three friends. And since all of my real friends had better things to do tonight, I thought the three of us numbnuts could share them together instead…

Who woulda thunk it?


Once again folks, usually (before this mini apocalypse was thrust upon all of us) we would carefully – some of you have said “expertly” – pair our evening’s beer with the cigar and movie and we’d all drink that same beer and compare notes. But since this whole COVID-19 shitshow has happened, each member of the TNCC is now solely responsible for risking their lives out in the wild and acquiring their own beers for each episode…


This beer has a very interesting backstory to it, which you can learn by listening or watching the show below. Tut chose this tame beer so it wouldn’t interfere with our various cigars tonight and he declared a success on that front. There’s citrus and baking spices present but they are so muted and subtle that there’s no way this beer was going to pair badly with any cigar… and it didn’t. Well done Tut!


It’s weird pouring a stout that pours and looks like a lager. And when you’ve considered that they’ve “omitting the dark roasted malts” and replaced them with coffee, cocoa nibs, and vanilla beams… well, I only picked up on the vanilla. It’s actually a boring beer initially with zero aroma and the malts are still very present. I don’t understand this beer at all but maybe you will if you try it… so let us know! It was hot as fuck in Central Texas this particular night so I drank the piss out of this confusing beer and by the time I was in to Beer #6 it was quite enjoyable… Also, it’s a white stout and we’re doing a movie about a great WHITE shark so my credibility as a pairing expert is secure.


Yak’s also chose this beer as he didn’t think it would interfere with tonight’s cigars so you gotta give him credit for that. And I realize I’ve said nothing about the actual profile of this beer… so moving on…


A fairly new Texas company with a fairly new beer and The Doctor like it for what it was. No flavors jumped out at him other than some citrus, but he liked it as far as cooling his jets during this heat wave so we’ll take that as a thumbs up. Also, Dennis Quaid (the start of tonight’s film) is from Texas so pairing qualifications are achieved.

THE FILM – JAWS 3-D (1983)

Well I realize that we are a few weeks early for Shark Week, which is nuts because we’re never early for anything, but we just couldn’t wait to sit down and talk about the silly but entertaining-as-hell Jaws 3-D! Seriously ladies and germs, this movie is fucking bananas! I won’t get in to the gory but super fun details of our conversation here but, yes, we do talk in length about how Dennis Quaid’s character of Mike Brody causes more injuries and longterm PTSD cases than either of the sharks in tonight’s film…

This dude is off the rails!

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Sayonara Motherfuckers!!!

Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…












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