Episode 159 – CAO BX3 cigar, Beers, Fire Pit, The Barbarians (1987)

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Happy New year and all that bullshit you say when you can’t think of any other way to start the episode page you’re typing up!!! No seriously, we’re glad you’re still alive and have managed somehow to find your way back to The Corner Of No Hope. I mean, let’s be honest here, if you are a longtime listener or viewer of our inebriated circus you probably have a raging alcohol or substance abuse problem and it really is cool that you’re still alive. GO YOU!


Size: 5 x 52 (robusto)
Wrapper: Brazilian Mata Fina
Binder: Brazilian Arapiraca
Filler: Brazilian, Honduran, Mexican, Nicaraguan
Price: $8.99 (and while these were submitted to us for review by General Cigar Company, you can go right now to FamousSmokeShop.com and grab a box on sale for 20% off and then on top of that use promo code TNCC20 to get an additional $20 off! That fucking rocks.)

Ed Lahmann, CAO’s senior brand manager, recently issued this press release regarding the BX3:

“Being trailblazers of tobacco is in CAO’s DNA, and with BX3, we’re continuing to pilot the path. Our inspiration was the legendary X series which had put our blending expertise on the map. With BX3, we set out to take the best of Brazilian tobacco and bring it to the next level. The easy thing to do would have been to make a Brazilian puro. Our blending team went that route, and it felt like we were just dialing it in. So they kept at it, peppering in Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Mexican tobaccos in just the right proportions to add character, dimension and layers to the smoke. We’re really proud of the way the blend turned out. To us, BX3 is everything a Brazilian-centric smoke should be. It’s memorable, savory and thought-provoking and it complements our portfolio beautifully.”

That’s a lot of words, Ed. So when I think about CAO and Brazilian tobaccos, my mind immediately goes to their Amazon Basin line of cigars. I reviewed the original Amazon Basin on our TNCC website back in 2016, and then we went on to feature the Amazon Basin Orellana way back on Episode 109. Those were both highly enjoyable BUT just last week I finally broke down and cracked open my box of original release Amazon Basins from 2014 and that vine-wrapped motherfucker was amazing, it’s really developed in to a special cigar after 8 long years of sleep. SO needless to say we were pumped to light this BX3 up tonight…

It’s worth mentioning that Arturo Fuente recently served General Cigar Company with a cease and desist letter claiming that by featuring a giant X on this cigar’s band it could create brand confusion but we, in our infinite legal wisdom, didn’t see any real problem with it. You could stick an “L” on the front of a Subaru and nobody is gonna think they’re buying a Lexus. Anyhoo, the four country blend CAO BX3 features a chewy, natural sweetness on the cold draw and there’s just the right amount of give when ever so gently squeezed between two fingers. Upon ignition, the BX3 unleashes a highly pleasant aroma in the air. First impressions are of a medium-to-full strength black pepper spice through the nose and notes of hard leather and dry, unsalted almonds via the draw.

The BX3 showcases a rather dry flavor profile overall ~ dry almonds, dry leather, dry coffee grounds ~ so while I personally thought that the cigar could most definitely benefit from being paired with a slightly sweet, perhaps salty beer selection the boys disagreed with that sentiment completely as they thoroughly enjoyed what the BX3 was delivering all on its own merits. Different dudes, different palates, and that’s pretty cool. Even if they were wrong. We all did agreed, however, that the resurgence of strong black pepper at the very end of the smoking experience was a much needed and highly welcome surprise and we also were in total synch that we’d all like to smoke this cigar again in the very near future.




Once again folks, usually (before the mini apocalypse was thrust upon all of us in 2020) we would carefully – some of you have said “expertly” – pair our evening’s beer with the cigar and movie and we’d all sit around the table and drink that same beer and compare notes. But since this whole COVID-19 shitshow went down, each member of the TNCC is now solely responsible for risking their lives out in the wild and acquiring their own beers for each episode… usually with very mixed results.


This 9.1% ABV, 56 IBU stout pours like motor oil and features a natural, subtle sweetness. It also maintains a lot of the characteristics that make the original Temptress milk stout so damn delicious. While Tut didn’t pick up on the salty component, the caramel did register with his palate and he gave the beer a solid thumbs up. He selected this variation of the Temptress because our featured film this evening does (sort of) have a female temptress in it…


This easy drinking Texas lager comes in at 5.1% with basically no bitterness. The Doctor… did not like it. In fact, he disliked the beer so much that he admitted to the group that he may have to tuttle someone later on tonight in order to get the taste out of his mouth. Yikes!


This oddly named 7.1% porter has only 10 IBUs and Yaks selected it because he found the heroes in our movie to be nothing but a bunch of “migrating coconuts”. Cmon Yaks, you can do better than that! Or maybe he can’t, who cares… Despite featuring the most convoluted artwork we’ve seen on a beer can in quite some time, Yaks highly enjoyed the Migrating Coconuts while singling out the vanilla element as a highlight.


Well, as is usual around these parts, if I want something done right I’ve got to do it myself and, as is also the norm, I knocked my pairing tonight out of the fucking park! This 9.1% bad boy clocks in at a whopping 80 IBUS and for once I believe that claim. This double IPA is Bitter with a capital B and super tasty! There’s just enough citrus on the backend to provide some balance and I loved everything that this double IPA gave me. Shiner is knocking it out of the park with their recent IPAs and they’re finally giving this Texas boy a Shiner beer that he can enjoy to excess. Oh, and this TWIN Dream paired beautifully with our film which stars the TWIN Barbarian Brothers!



We cover a wide array of topics during tonight’s Fire pit session including but not limited to:

Urban Dictionary
Comedian Ariel Elias
Hallmark Channel Movie Mysteries
Dungeons & Dragons
Vox Machina (Amazon Prime)
Creekside Cigar Lounge
Willow television series (Disney +)
Fiasco: A History of Hollywood Iconic Flops (book)
TNCC short films (The Unreliables & Hipster)
Tulsa King (Paramount +)
Glass Onion (Netflix)



“The Barbarians” AKA “Game of Bone_heads”

This lovely gem from the iconic Cannon Group was written by James R. Silke who, get this, was an uncredited screenwriter on the 1969 western classic The Wild Bunch and he also wrote 1983’s Revenge Of The Ninja and 1984’s Ninja 3: The Domination which happen to be my two favorite ninja movies. Oh and he also wrote King Solomon’s Mines which Tut has always claimed is superior to Raiders Of The Lost Ark which is just crazy talk. The film was directed by Ruggero Deodato who is best known for his controversial 1980 horror film Cannibal Holocaust. So, rather obviously, all the ingredients are here for something very interesting… maybe?

Dude, where’s my sword?

I selected this film because I knew that we’d have dungeons and dragons on our minds (which this movie contains both of) and because it stars the Barbarian Brothers BB and we’re smoking a BBB triple B cigar this evening. So tonight’s episode of the Tuesday Night CigarClub is brought to you by the Letter B. Damn I’m good, no wonder the ladies find me to be, what was it, oh yeah “a being of pure sexual energy”Hey, B NICE!

There’s also a dragon that looks like a giant uncircumcised dick so that’s something…

The IMDB synopsis reads as such:
“Two twin barbarians seek revenge from the warlord who massacred their tribe and captured them when they were small children.” Which if you changed it from twin barbarians to a single child barbarian you’d have the synopsis to Conan. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie with this much tits and ass that was clearly made for five year olds. It’s an odd bird indeed and we have a blast talking our way through The Barbarians so click the links below and JOIN The PARTY!



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Sayonara motherfuckers!!!

Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…







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