Episode 56 – Mantervention (2014) / Fratello Bianco cigar / Fresh Coast IPA

Interesting programming note, this is our second episode in a row where we feature a film that shows a dude jerking off onscreen. Podcasting history is made, take that Marc Maron!!! Just thought I'd toss that out there...

WARNING: TONIGHT’S EPISODE IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Not that any of our other episodes were particularly safe either (they were in fact not safe at all) but tonight’s show does indeed dip its toes into some rather naughty subject matter so please gently put on your headphones and be prepared to laugh, be aroused, and maybe just maybe fall in love (you will not fall in love). Seriously folks, it’s a super fun episode so watch/listen below and join the party!!!





The Fratello Bianco is a nice looking cigar encased in a chocolate brown Mexico San Andres wrapper featuring a white band with red text that really pops visually. There’s the extremely pleasurable aroma of damp, sweet tobacco on the preflight sniff. There’s a nicely muted jalapeño spice that greets you upon toasting the foot that’s followed by notes of faint dark chocolate and earth. It’s worth noting, The Doctor also picked up a vanilla bean note early on that the rest of the crew had trouble detecting.




The mild to medium spice continues throughout the duration of the cigar with flavors of cocoa powder and earth showing their dominance over a subtler hint of leather. There’s also an obvious cedar note that comes through clear as day exclusively on the retrohale. It’s an enjoyable cigar in that all these separate flavors flow together very well, there’s no clashing whatsoever or battles taking place on your palate.

Did we experience any other flavors while smoking the Fratello Bianco? Were there construction issues that interfered with our smoking experience? Watch or listen to the damn show below and find out!





“Friends and Allies Brewing Company’s primary facility is located in the heart of East Austin on 979 Springdale Rd. It is adjacent to Austin Eastcider’s upcoming Experimental Facility and the Austin Bouldering Project, the largest bouldering gym in North America.”

Why does a cider factory need a separate facility to conduct top secret experiments? And what the fuck is a boulder gym? If you don’t have a clue what any of that histerish jibber jabber means straight off the Friends & Allies website, you are not alone my friends. But luckily we are familiar with terminology such as 7.5 ABV and 100+ “Face Melting” IBUs! Actually that’s oddly inaccurate advertising as there’s no way in hell that the Fresh Coast IPA registers 100+ IBUs, it has a nice hoppy bite to it but nobody’s faces came close to melting off.

It’s a remarkably smooth beer for something that promised to MELT MY FACE OFF. Try again Friends & Allies…

Its citrusy aroma, floral component, pine influence, and pleasing array of hops made the Fresh Coast IPA an enjoyable beer and it did a fine job of keeping us hydrated as it stayed out of the cigar’s way. But that’s about it.


Interesting programming note, this is our second episode in a row where we feature a film that shows a dude jerking off onscreen. Podcasting history is made, take that Marc Maron!!! Just thought I’d toss that out there… ugh, sorry. We are pioneers though, there’s no denying it any more. Pioneers I tells ya!

It’s not what it looks like! He’s actually peeing on her which is Step 3 according to the Mantervention Handbook

Tut said that “despite all its flaws, this movie had soul”, and while I respectfully disagree with that assessment the consensus among our crew of drunk film experts was indeed that this film succeeded on some level. And they actually said that shit before their sixth beer if you can imagine that. Watch or listen below and discover the creature that is Mantervention for yourself. I did find a few things of value in it such as a guest appearance from my favorite star of the Lifetime Movie Network, Josie Davis!!!

She’s one of my favorite actresses and it was cool seeing her in a film that, for once, didn’t have her stealing babies or playing the sexy substitute teacher who seduces the high school quarterback. I guess. But if you like your beach bodies somewhat younger and your IQ points lower than the lowest of tides then I think you’ll find something here to your liking…

People have been trying to figure out the complicated differences between men and women since the dawn of man and I think with the help of a case of beer and several stogies we figure it all out tonight. All your questions regarding romance and courtships will be answered. You’re very welcome.



It’s shows like this that remind me that we really are doing something here that no one else could possibly pull off. It’s a crazy, funny, thoughtful, vulgar, educational, entirely insane episode and I think you’ll like it.

Fuck this noise! Sayonara motherfuckers!!!

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Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…

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