Episode 83 – Ski School (1990) / La Flor De Ynclan Lancero Especial cigar / Snowdrift Vanilla Porter

Let’s just sit back, drink some scotch, and watch the whole shitbox go up in flames. Right on!

Nothing to be proud of Russ… FOUR beers chugged on tonight’s show

If your party stories start with “I was at spring break” that’s just fucking weak sauce. Your party story should start on some random Thursday afternoon and go from there. I wasn’t invited on spring break trips cause I’d break spring break. Yes folks, we talk a lot about partying on tonight’s show because this evening’s movie features a bunch of partying posers and we decided it was up to us to show them (the fictional characters who have no idea we exist) how it’s done. It make sense if you stop to think about it. Let’s party!!!


Size: 6 3/4 x 43
Wrapper: Ecuadoran
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Nicaraguan & Dominican
Price: $11.00

I can’t remember a time in the show’s history when I was so impressed by a cigar while doing a written review for our website that I immediately tracked down more samples so that we could feature that particular cigar at the table. But here we are, the La Flor de Ynclan (pronounced, een-klahn) is that cigar. You can read my glowing expert review here but that was before and this, this is NOW. Yak Boy picked up on the aroma of hay and cedar when sniffing the beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper. Tut experienced Nestle’s Quick chocolate powder with a touch of pepper on the cold draw so that’s a promising start if I’ve ever heard one. Here we go!





Upon ignition, notes of mild leather and cocoa on the draw accompany a nice spice and cedar on the retrohale. I also sensed a green tea flavor on the draw initially although that would fade away rather quickly. Towards the halfway point a delicious creaminess joins the pepper on the retrohale and it’s an awesome combination. However… as highly enjoyable as the La Flor de Ynclan is in spurts, the fact that all three of us had to constantly relight the cigar and fight tooth and nail against a ridiculously tight draw was so damn frustrating. TNCC Public Service Announcement – never ship cigars in a soft envelope. Never.



The cedar eventually moves from the nose to the palate and, again, the cigar really works – when it works which is not frequent enough in this instance. The La Flor de Ynclan provides nuanced delicate flavors that are highly enjoyable WHEN IT WORKS (once again, read my earlier review). I’m definitely planning on revisiting this cigar some time next year before giving my final verdict.



We do get the vanilla off the bat (it’s very much a vanilla extract flavor like you’d get out of the McCormick’s vanilla flavoring bottle when making cookies), and the subtle coffee is there as well….but… let’s be honest, the CHOCOLATE rules the fucking roost here. This is a heavy chocolate beer and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that. Unlike the bulk of chocolate porters we’ve featured in the show, the Snow Drift is very light and has almost zero mouthfeel after the swallow. Kind of reminds me of one night back in college when… nevermind. Overall we liked the beer, even if it acts more like a dark ale than a porter, and we all just wished the flavors had stood up more and stuck around longer.




Yak Boy did reveal on the show that Lienenkugel makes a beer called Sunset Wheat that tastes like Fruity Pebbles cereal but sadly it’s not available in our area. Life really sucks some times. It is an interesting phenomenon that should be noted, we all picked up vanilla notes on the cigar after drinking tonight’s scotch (Balvenie Portwood 21 Years) than the vanilla porter. A weird night folks… just party.

Just Party


As much as it wants to be, tonight’s film is no Hot Dog: The Movie. It’s Turkey Dog: The Movie or maybe Tofu Dog: The Movie. Cult movie “legend” Dean Cameron did not impress us either. He acted like a party animal, he acted like a mountain top lothario, but it just all came across as a phony baloney. Our first asexual horndog on the show! That’s something I guess… right? Seriously, if you pulled down his ski pants, I expected to see a Ken Doll’s crotch – no genitals, no wiener, no nothing. Kinda like the impression this film made on us… everything in this movie is too little, too half-assed, and totally inauthentic.

Unlike your Tuesday Night heroes, these chumps are a bunch of frauds…

Shame on you Ski School! You should have cast the TNCC in this mug, we would’ve rocked it. But you didn’t and you suck. Ski School you suck. You had all the elements there but you dropped the ball with shitty acting, therefore shitty directing, and you couldn’t recover from it.



Well the cigar and the movie might not have worked out the way we hoped they would have, but when life gives you lemons what do you do? You drink copious amounts of scotch and party your ass off! So click the links below and join the party. Right on!!!

Sayonara you party animals!!!

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