Episode 86 – To The Limit (1995) / Partagas Legend cigar / Feisty Blonde ale

An amazing beer, a good cigar, and an Anna Nicole Smith high-stakes espionage thriller. That's a literal recipe for my own personal happiness right there.

“My new year’s resolution was to stop talking about dicks on the show and I’ve mentioned them over fifty times in the first thirty minutes!”

Happy New Year! We’re back with one of our best episodes in a long while and I sincerely hope you enjoy listening/watching as much as we enjoyed recording it. An amazing beer, a good cigar, and an Anna Nicole Smith high-stakes espionage thriller. That’s a literal recipe for my own personal happiness right there. Oh and we talk about dicks a lot.


Size: 6 1/4 x 54 toro
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Olancho-San Agustin (Honduras)
Filler: aged Piloto Cubano (Dominican Republic)
Price: $14.49

The Partagas Legend is a newly released cigar that pays tribute to the founding tobacco fathers of the Partagas brand. A beautiful cigar (minimal veins, no soft spots, perfect box press) made in their honor for our enjoyment, or at least that’s the idea. Let’s light em up and see!





Yak Boy picked up on a raisin-like sweetness on the cold draw while Tut and myself didn’t get much of anything prelight. Upon toasting the foot, we got a very mild earthiness on the retrohale along with some salted cashews (the aroma is very nutty as well), that sweetness was present on the draw for Yaks, and that was about it early on.




It’s a heavy cigar in your hand and that weight of various tobaccos turns out to be a blessing because once the flavors start coming they don’t stop transition-wise. There’s leather and a very muted chocolate on the draw, while the earth and nuts continue to shine through the nose in the first half. Pepper begins to slightly burn the nose in the second act and the overall strength moves towards full at the halfway point. My cigar had a frustrating tight draw early on but by the second half it was as smooth sailing as the other two guy’s stogies at the table. The early flavors hang tough and re-emerge in the final act bringing it all together and we were more than satisfied.



This honey vanilla blonde ale out of Fort Worth, Texas is a perfect example of how a beer that doesn’t sound like you’d like it on paper can surprise the hell out of you. The Feisty Blonde is super viscous, complex but superbly balanced, and quite simply delicious.




Brown sugar, Mexican vanilla, and just the right combination of hops all come together to make the Feisty Blonde one of the most interesting and enjoyable beers we’ve featured in the show in recent memory. It a like a Unibroue beer brewed in Texas which is high praise from us indeed.

Seek this beer out ASAP!


This is Anna Nicole Smith’s first time dipping her toes into the salty bathwater of the action film genre and the Tuesday Night Cigar Club is better off for its existence. I don’t care what the other guys say!!! Anna Nicole displays a certain naive confidence in To The Limit (especially in the bathtub and showering scenes) that she seemed to dial back a bit in her follow-up film Skyscraper.

You can’t be an effective secret agent if you aint clean! Or something like that…

Who knows what approach she would’ve taken next, sadly we’ll never find out. We have a blast talking our way through this lost cinematic treasure so watch or listen to the show below and let us take your funny bone to the limit!

Who will get the top secret disc at the end? Anna Nicole? Joey Travolta? Does anybody care?



I seriously think this is one of our best shows and it was a hell of a fun way to kick off 2019. So sit back, light em up, and enjoy the show. And maybe, just maybe, we won’t talk about dicks so much next time around…

Sayonara motherfuckers!!!

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Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…






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