Episode 88 – Abducted In Plain Sight (2017) / Punch Diablo cigar / Maudite strong ale

Tonight we're joined by a very special guest, our friend Skye Borgman who directed tonight's film Abducted In Plain Sight...

“Don’t feel bad Skye, there’s a reason you’re trending on Netflix and we’re stuck here…”

Tonight we’re joined by a very special guest, our friend Skye Borgman who directed tonight’s film Abducted In Plain Sight. You may have watched it recently on Netflix, if not you’re one of the few who haven’t sat in front of the screen with your jaw hanging on the ground in total disbelief at this remarkable documentary. We treat this episode like a real-time director’s commentary where the TNCC crew does its usual thing of talking their way through a film BUT with the added invaluable addition of the filmmaker sitting at the table with us to answer our questions. Of which there are many. It’s a really unique show so watch or listen below! Now!! DO IT!!!


Size: 6 1/8 x 50 (The Scamp)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra Oscuro
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Honduras & Nicaragua
Price: $7.19

This is one of the new faces of Punch, it’s a very different look aesthetically for the brand, and it’s the first Punch cigar made outside of their Honduras factory (it’s manufactured by… guess who? that’s right AJ Fernandez in Nicaragua). It’s a dark, oily, veiny, rustic bastard with cold draw notes of chocolate, hay, and sweet raisins.





There’s a strong spice that comes and goes on the nose and a unique mint flavor on the draw. The mint reminded me of those demonic Thin Mint cookies while Yak Boy picked up an Andes Mint vibe. Either way, that’s a fucking cool sensation to get out of a cigar, right? Leather and chocolate, mint and earth, these core flavors combined with solid construction all around and a fantastic price point made us all give the Punch Diablo three hellish thumbs up!



Our special guest revealed on the show that she’s a big fan of the Maudite (in fact she schooled us knuckleheads on how to pronounce its name properly), so apparently her taste in beer is just as good as her taste in podcasts…




There’s a sharp bite on the front end with a floral and very faint sense of dried fruit on the swallow. Combine those elements with an oh-so-subtle sweetness and an even subtler bite of hops and you have yet another unique and winning entry from that mad geniuses at Unibroue – they just DO NOT make a bad beer.


I can’t possibly add anything to our film discussion here on this episode page as we do a total deep dive into Abducted In Plain Sight on the show, so just click away below to watch or listen! Do it!! NOW!!!



I first met Skye Borgman a little over a decade ago when she collaborated with me as my cinematographer on a freaky little underground horror film called Underbelly. I knew within minutes of her stepping off the plane in Texas that she was good people and she proved to be talented as hell behind the camera also.

Here’s a pic of me showing Skye exactly where my filmmaking career is headed upon the completion of Underbelly…

To say that I’m proud of Skye and what she’s accomplished with Abducted In Plain Sight is a massive understatement. I want to thank her again for joining us at the table this evening, I believe it’s an engaging conversation that anybody who has watched this riveting documentary will enjoy.

Sayonara motherfuckers!!!

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