Episode 91 – Death Kiss (2018), Partagás Serie D No. 4 cigar, Innis & Gunn Original ale

Scottish ale pairs beautifully with Cuban cigar, who woulda thunk it? Movie starring a Hungarian Charles Bronson doppelgänger with a badly dubbed voice turns out to be highly entertaining while avoiding becoming parody, now who woulda thunk that?!?!

Cuban cigars are one of the most counterfeited products out there. If your uncle brought you a Cuban cigar back from his Mexican vacation – it’s fake. If your boss hands you a Cuban cigar he picked up on the beach in Jamaica – it’s super duper fake. Tonight we smoke a very real, absolutely authentic Cuban cigar on the show. But our film stars a very fake, completely counterfeit Charles Bronson. This is why we’re pairing professionals.


Size: 4.9 x 50 (robusto)
Wrapper: Cuban
Binder: Cuban
Filler: Cuban
Box Code: EPM FEB18
Distributor: Habanos S.A.
Price: $7.25 on sale to $8.50 via online shops (we paid $9)

The Partagás Serie D No. 4 features a silky as hell light brown wrapper that revealed a grape-like sweetness on the cold draw with an aroma of hay and earth off the foot. Initially there’s pepper on the nose with notes of mild cocoa powder, cashews, and woodsy cedar. It’s a sexy smoking cigar with a smoke profile that travels up the body of the stogie and lingers.

Further along, we picked up a bread note that worked well with the continuing cedar and cream flavors. The pepper remained consistent on the retrohale although the strength of it continuously wavered between mild and medium. This is a slow burning cigar, we usually tend to blaze through robustos on the show but this little guy took its sweet time. And speaking of sweet, Tut picked up on a sweetness in the second half that was only hinted at on his cold draw before lighting up.

If you’re seeking out a well-balanced cigar with solid construction and a medley of flavors that all work extremely well together, then find yourself a Partagás Serie D No. 4 pronto. Three thumbs up!!!



Get it, gunn? Tonight’s movie has a lot of guns in it. Don’t try this at home ladies and germs, remember, we are pairing professionals…

Innis & Gunn’s flagship brew is impressive and one thing that blew us all away right off the bat is that these crazy Scots started barrel aging beer way back in 2003. Talk about being ahead of the curve. The #1 craft beer in Scotland provides vanilla on the front end, creamy mouthfeel, and a malty bite on the swallow. And the toffee aroma coming off the pour is quite nice as well. Overall it’s a clean drinking beer with a gorgeous pour and a rather unique, delicious taste. It’s a Scotch ale for guys and gals, like me, who don’t like Scotch ales. And it was created by a guy named Dougal Gunn Sharp, how fucking badass is that name? Two and a half thumbs up!


So a low-budget filmmaker somehow stumbled across a Hungarian actor who just so happened to look identical to the late great Charles Bronson and he made a movie centered around this “Robert Bronzi” fella that is basically a Death Wish film, only they decided to call it Death Kiss instead. It’s a completely unique concept while, at the same time, it’s completely lacking anything truly unique at all.

“Robert Bronzi” as “The Vigilante”

Wisely, director Rene Perez surrounds Bronzi with a solid supporting cast including TNCC favorite Richard Tyson (Three O’Clock High, Kindergarten Cop) and impressive newcomer Eva Hamilton who is a true natural onscreen. While Robert Bronzi might be headed for Death Kiss 2 (we can hope!), I have a feeling Miss Hamilton’s going to break out big time sooner rather than later.

Eva Hamilton as “Ana”

Yes folks, we have as much fun with this one as you can possibly imagine. Don’t believe me? Well jump on down to the bottom of this here page, click on the links, and see for yourself! You dirty punks…


Scottish ale pairs beautifully with Cuban cigar, who woulda thunk it? Movie starring a Hungarian Charles Bronson doppelgänger with a badly dubbed voice turns out to be highly entertaining while avoiding becoming parody, now who woulda thunk that?!?! I love it when a night like tonight comes together.

Sayonara you filthy punks…

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