TNCC Short – Up next, Audio

It's not all glamour shots and good lighting. Of course it is.

The work on our short film continues. The timeline is fairly established and now it’s on to the audio. I’m convinced that working with audio is only something audio engineers love to do. I respect the hell out of engineers because I find audio work boring. I like focusing on audio acquisition, but audio editing? I’d rather watch The English Patient.

So why is it so important?

Because great audio won’t make a bad project great, but bad audio will make a great project bad.

It’s times like these that I sometimes regret hiring interns based on beverage acquisition skills rather than practical audio skills.

The job at the moment is to clean everything up. Get the levels balanced and clear. Knock out as much of the background noise as possible. Try to make the audio experience consistent throughout the entire project. Sounds fun. See what I did there? I totally intended that.

I won’t get into the weeds on our acquisition processes during filming, but I think you’ll be amazed after listening to it. These guys did all of this without a sound crew? They didn’t even have a sound guy?

Not bad for a bunch of half-assed mountain boys. You got that right, Major. It’s Willer Time.


I'm only doin this gig cause I used to date Winona Ryder. I need the money.