Cigar Review – CroMagnon Black Irish

As a highly respected internet cigar expert I believe I will go with that as my official diagnosis - "taming by way of candela leaf"

Cigar: CroMagnon Black Irish (5 x 56)
Company: RoMa Craft Tobac
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf & Candela Barber Pole
Binder: Cameroon
Filler: Nicaraguan
Price: $10.99
Acquired: Purchased from Habana House Lake Creek (Austin TX)
Elements: Corner Of No Hope / Tipsy Vicar Stout by Barrow Brewing Company


There’s the aroma of sweet tobacco, intensely sweet tobacco coming of the foot. And there’s that same natural sweetness and a hint of hay on the cold draw present. All these characteristics are identical to the regular production Cromagnon Knuckle Dragger we reviewed on the podcast a short while back.



Upon ignition there’s rich earthy tobacco on the draw with a backend hint of that unique Nicaragua mineral component that I’ve come to love over these many years (thanks JdN Antaño 1970!). There’s no noticeable flavors other than those mentioned above but DAMN this sucker is smoking smooth in the early goings, super duper smooth. Which I find surprising given the spice I usually associate with the Cromag line.


That’s not to say that strength isn’t a factor here because it is, there’s a strong cigar in my hand but that unexpected creaminess on the retrohale is balancing so well with the strong earthy flavors that it’s persuading me into classifying this as a medium smoke all the way…



A roasted coffee bean note presents itself and it’s a bold almost espresso coffee flavor. I like it. I wonder if the candela wrapper is subtly taming the potential power of this cigar just a tad. As a highly respected internet cigar expert I believe I will go with that as my official diagnosis – “taming by way of candela leaf”. Strong Nicaraguan earth is still the dominant factor here along with the coffee note but it never comes close to knocking me on my big muscular ass. I’m pairing it with a very subdued stout and I think that was the right way to go, let the beer compliment but stay the fuck out of the way of this stogie…



The strength picks up in the last third astronomically. The creamy factor is suddenly MIA like Chuck Norris and now the cigar is full blown strong Nica tobacco and earth. Why you want to do me like this candela wrapper? Where are you when I need you the most??? Traitorous green bitch. The Black Irish is suddenly kicking me in the balls with no mercy… again, like Chuck Norris. Maybe when I remove the band and some of the green candela is reintroduced I’ll be ok… and… guess what, it is! That candela barber pole swoops in at the last minute and really simmers things down a notch. This is a RoMa Craft Cromagnon that tempers its muscle at just the right times and I’m a fan…


You have to marvel at the skill of an expert cigar blender. The Black Irish took me on a ride and every time I thought I had it figured out, it threw a smooth mellow curveball at me. I often say, in a complimentary sense I might add, that most RoMa Craft cigars nail their desired profile without many flavor transitions or twists and turns and if that primary profile suits your wheelhouse you’ll be a happy sonofabitch from start to finish. Well, this is a variation of a familiar blend and it proves that the RoMa boys have some trickery up their sleeves. Seek it out! You won’t regret it.


And now I feel the sudden urge to watch Missing In Action flicks and drink dark beers all day… thanks RoMa Craft Tobac!

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