Cigar Review – Ricochet Oscuro toro by La Barba Cigars

While I may have been suckered in by my love of a bright orange band, I was thankfully not disappointed with the Ricochet Oscuro...

In an interesting bit of kismet, as I took my seat in The Corner Of No Hope to review tonight’s cigar, Facebook reminded me that I last reviewed a La Barba offering on this exact date back in 2017. Seriously, out of all the brands in the world, what are the odds of that happening? Well I quite enjoyed the One & Only five years ago, so hopefully the Ricochet Oscuro will deliver a similar outcome. There’s only one way to find out!


Size: 6 x 54 (toro)
Wrapper: Mexican San Andrés
Binder: Indonesian
Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan, & Pennsylvania
Price: $11.49 (available now at

The Ricochet feels slightly lumpy upon inspection but there are no glaring soft spots detected along the marginally oily San Andrés wrapper. While there are no distinguishable aromas initially present, when sniffing the foot of the cigar directly there is a distinct sweetness found as well as a touch of orange citrus.




Body: medium

Strength: medium/strong

Upon ignition there is a medium-strength, crackling, white pepper spice immediately present through the nose. That spice is backed by some mineral and the combination of both is overshadowing the far more subtle flavors on the draw which are initially cedar, bright leather, and a light roast coffee. Construction is very good early on and smoke production is copious.



Body: medium

Strength: medium

The aroma pouring from the foot of the Ricochet is quite nice. Here in the middle portion of the smoking experience, everything is working together far more harmoniously than before. The cedar and coffee notes via the draw are more pronounced now that the retrohale’s pepper spice has been dialed down in strength a notch. Nearing the fifty yard line, an oak flavor accompanied by a touch of vanilla enters the draw’s profile and they’re soon competing for the spotlight with the cedar/coffee combo. Construction remains impressive with a smooth draw and straight burn line.



Body: medium

Strength: medium

While I’m currently sipping on a bottle of water like a total noob, I can envision the Ricochet Oscuro pairing extremely well with a double espresso or a massive glass of scotch. Without the benefit of an adult beverage however, the cigar is smoking very smooth here in the final act. The vanilla and woodsy notes are playing very nicely together and the white pepper spice has continued to be restrained by the generous amounts of mineral shining through the retro. The Ricochet begins to burn a bit hot resulting in some harshness so, with about an inch remaining, I call it a day…




While I may have been suckered in by my love of a bright orange band, I was thankfully not disappointed with the Ricochet Oscuro. As the flavors gradually transitioned over the course of 88 minutes, my enjoyment of the cigar grew with every puff.

While I don’t necessarily think that a drink pairing can make or break a cigar’s smoking experience, this is the rare case where I feel strongly that the aforementioned espresso or giant glass of scotch would elevate my enjoyment of La Barba’s Ricochet to another level. Sounds like I have some homework to do!

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