Episode 52 – Pretty in Pink (1986) / Rose Of Sharon cigar / Summer Love Ale

This is a complex multi-layered Connecticut cigar that not only fits in but stands at the forefront of the new "reimaginings" taking place in the world of Connecticut cigars...

Soak us in girls, soak us in…

This one is for the ladies out there! Tonight we have a cigar blended by a man for his significant other, a beer inspired by love itself, and a movie that many females would name incorrectly as a perfect shining example of 1980s teen romance. That’s right, I said incorrectly and I will now go hide under the table in The Corner Of No Hope as angry women frighten me more than a pack of rabid coyotes… but if you listen to the show you’ll see that I’m right. Ok, now I’ll run!


Tonight’s cigar was far and away the most talked about stogie at this year’s CATS Fest and somehow we managed to not light one up until this evening. Will power and the TNCC are NOT frequent bedfellows so please don’t be foolish and expect that type of restraint from us in the future. What’s so special as far as the backstory of the Rose Of Sharon is concerned? Well, watch our interview below with Robert and Sharon Holt to find out!

See what I mean? How could you not want to set fire to this cigar and discover what’s the what? The 6.5 x 60 box-pressed Rose Of Sharon features an attractive Ecuadorian Sun Grown Connecticut wrapper with a closed foot and strong aromas of hay and barnyard on the preflight sniff.




The spice early on is a nice surprise considering the Connecticut wrapper stereotype we’re all slaves to buying into. The spice impression is followed by a toasted bread note, cream, and a woodsy cedar to a lesser extent. The toast and cream take over as the dominant flavors but that spice is always there underneath the surface. The burn line is perfect and the cigar pumps out copious amounts of full grey smoke.



The woodsiness kicks in more as the smoking experience continues. A vanilla latte, creamy coffee note is by far the superstar of the middle section of the Rose Of Sharon but the pepper on the nose (retrohaling is a must) makes things extremely interesting. I like that ying and yang at play quite a bit. This is a complex multi-layered Connecticut cigar for sure that not only fits in but stands at the forefront of the new “reimaginings” taking place in the world of Connecticut cigars along with the Undercrown Shade and Zlatno Sonce.



The strength jacks up tremendously in the last third. The cedar dies down and is replaced by a black French Roast coffee note. Then, just as we were about to drop the nub into our ashtrays, the vanilla latte note came soaring back and it was followed by every flavor we had experienced prior making a surprise resurgence as well. I didn’t see that coming! Watch or listen to the damn show below to get our full thoughts on this cigar but I’ll leave you with this – The Rose Of Sharon is not a boring cigar in the slightest and the Tuesday Night Cigar Club highly recommends it.





Summer Love is a golden ale which is clearly evident by it’s bright and beautiful golden pour. The beer doesn’t present you with a myriad of flavors, it’s rather straight-forward but it betrays its light appearance (similar to this evening’s cigar) by delivering some heft and a nice sharp pine note on the backend. Boring? Maybe. Enjoyable? Certainly. A good pairing beer to accompany the Rose Of Sharon? No. We’d recommend you try a Belgium, a tripel, or maybe a creamy porter instead.

Summer Love Ale didn’t make a great impression on your favorite crew of internet beer experts; however, it didn’t make a bad impression either. We all agreed that we wouldn’t kick it out of bed… unlike the total losers in tonight’s film…


Blain? More like Bland.

As our loyal listeners will remember, way back in TNCC Episode 2 we had a surprise visit from the one and only Andrew McCarthy while briefly discussing Pretty In Pink

…and I clearly warned you that one day he would return!!!

He’s back baby!!!

Yeah, I do a lot of my infamous (that means more than famous) Blain impression tonight. You’re welcome in advance. But, in all honesty, I believe we really dig into and dissect Pretty In Pink like it’s never been examined before. Especially the “beloved” character of Duckie, who The Doctor and I had a chance meeting with at a Las Vegas film festival many moons ago. He interviewed us for the TV show Extra! and I’m guessing that if he ever watches tonight’s episode he might regret being so nice to us.

Duckie, Doc, Cade

Duckie was a psychotic maniac who teetered on the edge of total madness. There, I said it. But seriously folks, sit back and enjoy a very funny and enlightening look back at one of the most revered teen films of the 1980s. And while our colorful Andrew Dice Clay impressions might soar way over the heads of some millennial listeners out there, I know you and I’m confident you’ll enjoy the hell out of them.


It’s funny, we were all more than a little hesitant to tackle Pretty In Pink but I think this may just be my favorite episode so far this year. Sometimes those subjects that don’t necessarily fall into our wheelhouse lead to the most entertaining discussions. But don’t take my word for it, watch or listen to the show below and see if you agree.

Now why don’t you go home and take a shower, you guys look like shit!

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Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…

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