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Rose Of Sharon

  • Top 10 Cigars of 2017

    Every year I lament on just how difficult it is to compile this list of the best cigars we’ve smoked on the show over the last 365 days. This year was exceptionally tough, so much so that we’ve expanded from a Top Five to a Top Ten list. The...
  • Episode 52 – Pretty in Pink (1986) / Rose Of Sharon cigar / Summer Love Ale

    This one is for the ladies out there! Tonight we have a cigar blended by a man for his significant other, a beer inspired by love itself, and a movie that many females would name incorrectly as a perfect shining example of 1980s teen romance. That’s right, I said...
  • TNCC interviews Southern Draw’s Robert & Sharon Holt at CATS Fest 2017

    The Tuesday Night Cigar Club podcast was live at CATS FEST 2017 to conduct interviews with vendors, manufacturers, and key figures involved with Cigars For Warriors (our favorite charity). It’s the best cigar festival in the world, we hope to see you at CATS Fest 6!
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