Episode 72 – Robot Ninja (1989) / Macanudo Inspirado Red / Kung Fu Robot IPA

If you run your fingers up and down the cigar, the wrapper feels identical to a well-worn leather jacket. It's like sliding Indiana Jones in your mouth. Wait, that doesn't sound right...

I may chug an entire beer during the opening of tonight’s episode. And, perhaps, I just might chug an entire beer later on in the show as well. Why all the beer chugging, you ask? Why the hell not! Actually I’m fairly certain there were actual motivations behind me impulsively slamming back several beers but for some reason I can’t remember them now… some hoppy, crisp, delicious reason…


WRAPPER: Ecuadoran, utilizes the rare and highly sought after Ecuadoran Havana ligero leaf
BINDER: Nicaraguan, flavorful tobacco selected from the acclaimed Jalapa region
FILLER: Nicaraguan EstelÍ (aged for 5 years), Nicaraguan Ometepe (aged for 12 years), plus Honduran Jamastran (aged for 10 years)
PRICE: $6.50



Prior to lighting up, there’s an earthy aroma present when sniffing the foot. If you run your fingers up and down the cigar, the wrapper feels identical to a well-worn leather jacket. It’s like sliding Indiana Jones in your mouth. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…



The first impression on the retrohale isn’t that of the typical black or red pepper but rather a wasabi-like burn that just hangs in your nose for a bit, it’s potent to say the least. On the draw, leather is the dominant note by far. Smoke production is plentiful and the aroma pouring off the Inspirado Red smells wonderful.





That wasabi continues to linger in your upper nose for the duration of the cigar although it does gradually dial down a notch. The strong leather note remains the most pronounced flavor present by leaps and bounds despite the eventual appearance of oak, mineral, and a very faint creaminess. While not a complex cigar by any means, the Inspirado Red is constructed well and delivers a strong, consistent, and enjoyable smoking experience at a very consumer-friendly price point. It’s weird wrapping your head around a Macanudo that has balls to it but, nonetheless, here we are… Did we experience any other flavors or surprise transitions in the final third of the cigar? Watch or listen to the show below to find out!



STYLE: American IPA
ABV: 7%
IBU: 43





This tasty “American IPA” confused the hell out of us because it doesn’t taste at all like what we’ve come to expect an American IPA to taste like. Upon cracking the can open, you’re immediately overwhelmed with strong floral and citrus aromas as well as the distinct smell of hops… but then you drink it and there’s almost no noticeable bitterness. What the fuck? Where as American IPAs are mostly known for their bitter back ends, the Kung Fu Robot gives you a slight hop presence on the front end that quickly vanishes making way for the dominant flavor of grapefruit. It’s a weird beer but we all dug it. And, as I mentioned earlier, I may have happily chugged two of these mofos during the course of the evening so that has to count for something. Right? Please say it counts for something, please…


Ok, listen up you primitive screwheads. I want you to watch/listen to our interview tonight with underground filmmaking legend J.R. Bookwalter and then I want you to visit his current Indiegogo campaign for the bluray release of his 1989 cult classic Robot Ninja.

Director J.R. Bookwalter on the set of “Robot Ninja”

I don’t ask much of you, our loyal and sexy TNCC audience, but with all the soulless corporate garbage flooding movie theater screens and streaming services these days this is a real concrete opportunity to support a genuine independent artist. You know, a guy who puts things like passion, thought, and all sorts of lofty shit like that into his thankless creative works. Do it and you’ll feel better about yourself, I promise. That’s not enough for you, eh? Alright, I’ll make you a deal – drop some coin on Mr. Bookwalter’s campaign to get your hands on a crazy awesome 3 disc Robot Ninja set (and let us know you did it via Facebook, Twitter, etc) and I’ll personally thank you by name on the air and chug a beer in your honor on a future episode. Of course if this motivational sales tactic of mine is too successful, I will eventually require a Robot Liver and then I’ll be asking that you make a donation to a completely different type of campaign… but that’s a different set of problems for a different day. Go check out the campaign now!



An informative discussion with a talented director who’s literally done it all, an enjoyable cigar paired perfectly with a tasty beer, and a really fun time discussing a movie that not a lot of folks have had the opportunity to see (but hopefully that will soon change). What else could we ask for in an episode?

Sayonara motherfuckers!

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Below is tonight’s full episode for both your viewing and listening pleasure. Thank you for checking out The Tuesday Night Cigar Club and we’ll see you next time when we review another cigar, adult beverage, and film. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather…

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