Top Ten Cigars of 2019!

Here it is, the best of the best featured on the podcast this year!

Here it is, the Tuesday Night Cigar Club’s “Top Ten Cigars of 2019”! As always, we’re not saying these are the best cigars on the market by any means, we are simply saying that out of the cigars we smoked on the podcast this year these were our favorites by a long shot and we think our listeners, viewers, and readers should go out and grab as many of them as possible because there’s not a mediocre cigar on the list. They’re all outstanding smokes, just click on the link for each cigar and it will take you directly to the episode page so you can read our thoughts on it. Ready?

10. Buckeye Land by Crowned Heads

09. Nuggs by Jas Sum Kral

08. Wasabi by Espinosa Premium Cigars

07. Partagas Legend by General Cigar Company & Partagas Serie D No 4 (tie)


06. Herrera Estelí Norteño by Drew Estate

05. Kudzu Lustrum by Southern Draw

04. Le Carême by Crowned Heads

03. Rose of Sharon “Desert Rose” by Southern Draw

02. Sobremesa Brûlée by Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

01. It’s the Year Of The NEANDERTHAL!

It’s a 3-way tie between the OM Lancero, the GD Genetic Deformity (which we featured those both as a double-feature back on episode 87), and finally the brand spanking new LH Neanderthal or Lord Humungous which is an amazingly potent beast that bring tears to your eyes in more ways than one.

Congratulations to all this year’s manufacturers for making our list! A giant Thank You is in order to everyone who watches or listens to our unique show every other week and joins the party. There’s no one else out there doing what we do and we are grateful that you dig it enough to keep coming back for more. Our livers may hate you but our hearts love you all. It looks like 2020 is set to be another barn burner for the Tuesday Night Cigar Club so please stay tuned. May the wings of liberty never lose a feather, now let’s bring another round!

Sayonara Motherfuckers!!!


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